"Binding" mappings to a panel?

Is there any way currently to bind all mappings between a panel of widgets and a “Favorite” wiring setup, such that they can be copied and pasted into a new gig while retaining all of the mappings?

other than by exporting and importing a rackspace, I do not believe so.

Ok I’m working on something here :grin:

If I create a GPScript Handle for an audio player block, let’s call it “stem1block”, I should be able to script a widget to send OSC to the parameter directly, without a mapping. This connection should remain as long as the widget handle, the script, and the wiring block handle are all the same from gig to gig. Correct?

Only problem is, my OSC_Send script is failing with an “std:exception” log.

The script wants 2 parameters; an Integer for the parameter number that I’m trying to control, and a Double for the value.

This bit will give me the first part:

stem1_f1, stem1_f2, stem1_f3, stem1_f4, stem1_f5, stem1_f6, stem1_f7, stem1_f8,
stem2_f1, stem2_f2, stem2_f3, stem2_f4, stem2_f5, stem2_f6, stem2_f7, stem2_f8 : Widget

//Bind Playback Faders to Volume Control of Blocks Called stem1block and stem2block

On WidgetValueChanged (newValue:double) from stem1_f1

OSC_SendInteger("/stem1block/SetParam", 25)


…but how do I append the value of “newValue” to the end of this message?

That message is probably coming from the plugin because you’re sending an invalid OSC message to it.

You need to use the special OSC object in GP Script to construct an OSC message with two arguments.

Note that ability to send OSC messages to plugins was designed to allow such messages to be sent from other applications, not from inside Gig Performer itself.

@mrdrennan try this set of commands, replacing the Address, Int and Double arguments with other values/variables.

Var osc : OSCMessage
OSC_SetAddress(osc, "/GAIN/SetParam")
OSC_AppendIntArg(osc, 0)
OSC_AppendDoubleArg(osc, 0.5)
OSC_SendSpecific(osc, "", OSC_GetGPListeningPort())
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You’re some kind of Jedi. This works great. Now I can have a 16 fader panel that controls my playback stems. I can save a favorite for the Audio Playback plugin with routings enabled, and also the script that binds the panel to the specific Audio Playback plugin. I can create a new gig, instantiate the favorite, the script, and the panel, and voila! Mappings retained.

Thank you so much. I can have a lot of fun with this.