Behringer X-Touch MINI


Has anyone tried a Behringer X-Touch MINI with GigPerformer? The LED Rotaries seem to be perfect for knobs on Rackspaces. And the buttons could control rackspace buttons.


I use this, it works great! The only negative I have about it, is it seems to use a ‘proportional’ mode of applying how much movement applied to the value, when turning the knobs. In other words the faster the knobs are turned, the faster the amount will change. When turning them slow the amount changes slowly. I prefer a mode where the value directly follows the physical location of the knob, regardless of how fast or slow it is turned. I’ve had the unit for a while, and they may have updated features, so maybe i’ll check to see if this has been updated.


I haven’t tried it, but I’m interested in the X-Touch Mini or Compact!
So does GP send values to the X-Touch and rotaries/fader catch these (looking to avoid the annoying jump in value I get with my Akai LPD8)?


Yes, all the rotaries and buttons will always be set to the values in GP. No need to jump or catch the GP value. As soon as you push or turn these, they’re already at the current value. Now the X-Touch MINI fader is NOT motorized. So it needs to jump or catch the GP value. The X-Touch Compact faders are motorized.


Wow. I just wanted to start a thread about the X-Touch Mini… then I discovered this one.

Great to hear it works well with GP. I’m also interested in this controller but in other forums someone told that it has a few problems like rotary knobs sending different values after receiving values from the software. Maybe they did something wrong… forgot which DAW was used.

Unless I’m very much mistaken, David uses this one too (or at least they have it at the NAMM booth):

So it seems to be the perfect small controller for bidirectional use with GP widgets…?!


Indeed. Performing a gig today with it as the primary GP widget controller. Full Sync!!


Wow - I’m being watched – this is getting scary :slight_smile:
Yeah, it seems to work well – we did find a little bug that was causing eroneous values to be sent out sometimes but we’ve fixed that and will put out an update when we get back from NAMM


You should better not do a NAMM presentation if you don’t want people watch it, hehe :smiley: Did I mention that I love everything from Steely Dan? (but nothing so much as West of Hollywood :sunglasses: )


Yes, use it, love it. Works beautifully. I agree that the way the dials work takes a bit of getting used to, but other than that it’s pretty perfect.


Looks cool. I have the Korg nanoKontrol2. Otherwise, I would consider picking one up. Personally, I would love to find a controller that is even smaller than this… like maybe half the size.


I would love to find a controller like the X-Touch Mini but with small LCDs for each encoder to see the parameter name without looking at the computer.


I call that an iPad with Lemur :slight_smile:


…or iPhone with Lemur :wink:


Yeah… I’ve been using an iPad with Lemur and GP but I could not really deal with knobs on a touch screen. But yes, it’s the most flexible solution of course.