Battery back up on power bar


Wondering if anyone’s heard of an AC source for sound module in case unplugged , stage guys play around and unplug and it disconnects my sound module, then have to restart windows and Gp to reconnect , if there was an Ac source in between module and power bar , that would keep it goin


You can search for an UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
This might give a start direction


If you want a rack mountable unit, check this one out.


These are a MUST have. I play on a Korg Kronos. It has a very long boot up time. I couldn’t afford that much down time. And the same for powered Audio Interfaces. Buss powered audio interfaces can usually survive a power outages on laptops.


Huh? Why?


Fog machine , etc, decided he wanted to untangle a few chords , etc , effected me, …also ppl who use interfaces/ laptops should hard reset power button on laptop, mine was set to ‘sleep’, so interface never reconnected


Yes!, I had a Kronos, and it was a few minutes to reset …, getting a nordstage 2 for backup today , can’t rely on computers 100%


Agreed - but that’s why I carry a spare computer, not a spare keyboard!

I never use sleep mode. Been bitten too many times. But if your situation is that impacted by others, then a UPS is a very good idea. Just make sure you get one whose output cycle is reasonably clean.


What do you think of usb powered interfaces like the prosonus or focusrite ?, usb at least doesn’t depend on house power …, my present scope xite’s latency is perfect , ., so il need something that can run kontakt and omnisphere


Your audio interface is not running your plugins. Your Gig Performer on your computer is doing that. The audio interface is providing Analog/Digital and Digital/Analog conversion …


It’s for the usb ‘ powered’ if house power fails, ( someone unplugged my I/o for a fog machine) I’ve never had good latency with smaller interfaces , but il give the tascam and prosonus a try

  1. Battery backup (UPS):
    · Be sure to get one with a pure sine wave; avoid any with a modified sine wave (a/k/a square wave).

  2. USB ports:
    · On Windows machines, go to Device Manager | Universal Serial Bus Controllers and, for every Intel® USB 3.0 [or ANY] Root Hub listed, go to Properties | Power Management tab and UNCHECK “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.

Hope this helps…

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Thanks Mike!


If you need an USB powered audio interface with a low latency, you should have a look at the
RME Babyface Pro


Horrendously overpriced , maybe the Arturia at most


I agree with you. I didn’t want to buy my RME UCX because of the price. But unfortunately I made a blind test playing a piano plugin, and then it was difficult to renounce to the best sounding interface. :grimacing:


I tour with RME interface (have used both UCX and UFX) – they’re awesome both in terms of sound quality and low latency.


And despite of the price, I bought a second UCX for my second piano rig. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


I’m pc so only usb is an option


RME interfaces support USB. That’s how I use it.