Battery back up on power bar


Reviews of Arturia fuse weren’t good


At the time I bought it, with an Audient iD22, and among the different models I had the opportunity to test, the RME UCX was the only USB 2.0 audio interface to work perfectly on USB 3.0 ports. But the sound was much much much better. It hurted, but I bought it anyway and only for a live piano rig! But I think it is worth the price. I think I would rather go for a used RME than for a new cheaper audio interface (and the Babyface Pro can possibly be USB powered)


I know the steinberg ur22mk2 is low
end , but latency seems perfect with omnisphere kontakt and nexus running in Gp very smoothly , …with patch persist holdover between RS’s not glitching at all, … it’s not even usb 3.0, in the specs !, …if it ain’t broke …But the thing only works in Mono directly


I have had several under $200-300 interfaces in the last several years. All would seem to work fine until I REALLY needed it to work flawlessly…then something weird would happened which would require more time than I had at the moment. I, finally, broke down and got a BabyFace Pro early last year and have not had one problem since…and I run it via USB with Windows 10 Pro.




I purchased a used RME Fireface 800 in excellent condition (having won a bid on ebay). Fortunately, my early 2011 MBP has a FW800 port (as I am using the Thunderbolt port for an adapter to use my UAD Solo ExpressCard). The Fireface (in fact, pretty much every RME interface) has excellent low-latency drivers, and the Totalmix app provides a good number of routing options.

Can’t hurt to keep an eye out for a decently priced RME interface on ebay, Craig’s List, etc.