Backing Track Strategy

So our band is considering using backing tracks for live performance. Of course we would all play along with it so syncing to a click track is imperative.

I used to do this a million years ago, okay back in the 80s, with an Ensoniq SQ80 and its sequencer and the click being sent to the drummer. It worked very well.

Now I’m wondering the best approach with GIG Performer. Should I install a lightweight DAW and control from GP? Or should I just record MP3 or WAV and play that from GP? How do I sync that to click in that case.

All thoughts, experience, and ideas appreciated!

I am using Ableton Live for the backing tracks and control that via GP and using OSC messages.

Another approach is to use either the audio player or the midi file player. I prefer the midi file player b/c I can send each track on its own channel to different instruments/plugins and have the ability to change/mix levels as needed. I can also take instruments (tracks) in and out as needed. Another reason is file size. Midi files are small (but you’ll have more resources to use live, but with a decent machine its a non issue). If you have a lot of songs, audio files (even mp3’s) can grow into a monster in my opinion. Of course with @pianopaul 's approach, Live is handling audio so its a non issue for GP.

If you’re not going to use Ableton Live, then perhaps the most important feature for me, between the audio and midi file players, is that the midi file player has parameters that can be accessed via scripting that comes in very handy when playing to a click and wanting to quantize the song parts to switch on 1. @rank13 wrote an excellent script for quantizing song parts.

I like to cut the song into multiple parts (and midi files). Verse, chorus, jam, ending etc… Switch between parts at will and always “land on” 1. Flexible and can make it more like a live performance instead just playing a song from start to finish as one file. Last time I checked, this was not possible with the audio file player.

@ztones Maybe this would be helpful? [[Gig] Quantize Song Parts Changes]