Audio Routing with GP and Windows

This might be out of scope, but I’d like to record the output from Gig Performer and use that as the audio for recording my performance with a webcam attached to the same computer as GP. Most webcams can use any input device listed in the Windows sound settings, but the output from GP is to my Behringer interface and is listed as an output device in Windows sound settings. In other words, I can’t “choose” an output as a different onboard device’s input (in this case my Nexigo webcam) in Windows sound settings.

However - using OBS Studio I can choose the Behringer Out 1/2 or 3/4 which would be a workaround, but was wondering if anyone here had experimented with any of the audio routing software available that looks like it addresses this - like VB Cable or VB HiFi Cable and Asio Bridge? - and your experiences with them?

And finally, as I understand it, the GP recording function records only the input (plus incoming midi-messages) to GP - there is no capability to record the final output - is this correct?

Take a look at this blog article: Gig Performer | How to record Gig Performer's outputs via Gig Performer's Record feature on Windows

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@npudar Thanks! - that answers the question about recording the output. I am pretty sure that the VB Cable app is the solution to the webcam input question too and will try that shortly.

I did this to use GigPerformer’s output as the audio source for Skype guitar lessons i took… worked pretty well. I used ASIO LINK PRO for that, since it worked best for me (still using it).
There is a quite extensive thread about the usage of this virtual driver… maybe you can get some helpful information from there:
Can I route Mediamonkey ASIO Out in GP3? - General discussion about Gig Performer - Gig Performer Community


Thanks Erik. I read through the topic and will have to re-read a few times I think. I haven’t had the time to play around with the VB Cable products, Asio Link or the Jack 2 audio connection kit yet but should get to that in the next few days I hope. The good news is that it looks like it is doable, just a matter of figuring it out and what is best/fastest/easiest :rofl:

@schamass Erik, I have had a play with VB Cable and Odeus Link Pro. Both work to record the output of GP, but only Odeus Link Pro can link the output from GP to the input of another application that I have been able to actually get to work, and well. What a wonderful program, you’d think there was a modern version of that somewhere. Even better, the documentation that comes with it specifically states it was designed to work with OBS which is my go to app when the simple camera app doesn’t cut it. Now I can use GP and record my session with video on the same computer and no extra external cables.

Thanks again, that was a very, very valuable tip.



Yes, ASIO Link Pro is a great piece of software, but unfortunately abandonware. It’s the only application that introduced zero latency (all other alternatives based on ASIO4ALL, Voicemeeter, … ) introduced additional latency.

Unfortunately, the developer passed away, and now ASIO Link Pro is abandonware.
Sadly, there are no alternatives good like this application that would fill the gap of single-client drivers owners on Windows (on Mac, everything is multi-client by design).

I was thinking that we create a new article about installing and configuring it, but I was aware it was just a matter of time when a new Windows upgrade or feature upgrade would break it…)

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I’m still using it. It still works with Windows 11. :slight_smile:
Honestly, what I’d like to see developed by GP is a multi-client driver to supplant the ASIO LInk Pro software. GP shines like no other when it can be used with multiple instances.


@npudar I’m running Windows 11 and it works fine, so it’s unlikely (I hope) that W11 upgrades will break it any time soon. The linked Youtube video on the Odeus website is not very helpful, but the included PDF is. I have attached that to this post for anyone interested.

ASIO Link Technology.pdf (1.2 MB)

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