Audio player - return to start in song middle

I seem to remember better audio control discussions coming up from time to time.
I need to stop a file in the middle of a song, then repeat it from the beginning for the remainder of the song. Was a method developed to do this some time back? I searched for an answer but came up blank. Any help please?

I´m using the “extended” Audioplayer fom @schamass which works perfectly for me.
It has a Stop/reset function which I really missed on the standard audioplayer.

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How do I add this into an existing RackSpace? Or do I have to start with this RS as a base and build from there.

I started with this Rackspace, added my standard Midi Inputs, routings, widgets etc. and saved it as “Audioplayer-init” Rackspace. So now I can choose from a standard “Init” Rackspace and an “Audioplayer-init” rackspace when I start to program a new song.