Audio Interface disconnect problem

I’m having an issue where when my audio interface is disconnected while GP is running, I get the red screen telling me to reconnect or select a new interface from the options dialog. When I reconnect, the program never returns to normal.

The audio interface works with other programs when it is reconnected but GP remains hung up with no ability to do anything. My audio interface is an iConnectAudio 4+ with the latest drivers.

I need this program to be able to recover from a pulled USB cable fairly cleanly in order to use it in a live situation and the error message seems to tell me, this should behave differently in this situation

Forgot to add, I’m running version 3.8.1 on Windows 10 Build 19042.867

When the audio interface is disconnected and connected again, what do you see in the audio options window?

Is your audio interface connected directly to your PC or via a hub?
When you reconnect it, do you use the same USB slot or another one?

The program remains hung up/non responsive. All I can do is close the process and restart, which then works as expected

Direct connection. Same slot. It’s being unplugged from the interface side. I’m simulating a problem I’ve had in the past where the plug comes out in the rack

When the USB is pulled and I click the audio options menu, GP crashes. I sent the crash report via the crash dialog screen

Try to install the ASIO4ALL driver so the system has something to fall back on.
you can download the driver from here:

You do not use this driver - just install it and then see if there is any difference.

Good suggestion, but same behavior. I even made sure my PCs internal sound card was the card that ASIO4ALL was set up with and it still won’t fallback to it

I’ve always had this problem and have never been able to get GP to reconnect.

This seems to be completely driver dependant on Windows systems. If the driver somehow crashes because one just pulls the cable out we’ve seen devices that must be powered off and then back on before they continue to work.

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With which driver and audio interface?

I did experiment with power cycling the interface after it causes the crash. Will try some more tests

I’ve had similar instances with my Focusrite 18i20 2 gen audio interface on Windows, with all drivers through to current version for as long as I’ve own GP (a couple years). If the rack-mount audio interface gets disconnected or loses power, GP crashes (locks up), and most times, Windows does as well (locks up). However, I don’t think Windows locks up if GP isn’t running and the audio interface is disconnected. I just try to make sure that my connections are tight.

Sounds like a job for some hot glue as once the computer is in my rack I will not be unplugging the cable.

With my new setup, it will be less of a problem as it’s just going from the interface to a rack PC. My current setup has the wire going out of the rack and up to my Surface Pro tablet which makes it much more susceptible to the other end loosening

I’m kind of getting it to work (don’t ask me how), but getting some other weird issues with this interface so it may be a hardware issue. This is my old live rig interface which I switched out after having some strange gremlins, so it’s likely to be related to this problem.

I will test it out with my live rig when I get a chance to see if that works better. Either way this interface is discontinued, and I may just go with a different one moving forward. I’ll post another topic for suggestions on that. Thanks for everyone’s help!

RME Babyface Pro

And you still have the issue?

My RME Babyface Pro won’t reconnect either. I have to force close GP and restart.

And is the audio engine still active if you go on playing something?