Audio File Player Tempo issues

I use Audio track stems loaded into the Audio file player for about 8 x songs in our set. Each track has around 4 to 5 tracks playing in multi mode one of which is a click track routed to our drummer. On average 1 in 3 times of starting up GP the tempo of EACH of the audio tracks is slower than the original stem file by around 10bpm. When it happens I restart my windows PC (Surface Pro) and that usually sorts it out - occasionally i’ve had to do a couple of restarts to fix it. If I close the application itself and re-open, it doesn’t seem to fix it.
I am stumped as far as why GP would play all files in an Audio file player slower…particularly why it does this only 1 in 3 instances. Has anyone experienced this before?
(I have recorded this happening as a sound file and also have a version at the correct speed - I can upload if needed)

I find that this sort of issue is normally caused by a change in sample rate. Do you ever swap between e.g. 44.1 and 48 kHz?


Have you had this before yourself? I’m not knowingly making any changes to ANY setting in GP or the computer between start ups and load. One day it boots up and plays 10bpm slower…and another day it doesn’t…and I’m doing nothing different for every start up.

  1. Note the sample rate in Audio Settings when it’s normal
  2. Take another look at those settings when it plays slower.

Also, when it plays slower, is the pitch of the song lower as well?

What audio interface are you using?

Are you running any other audio software at the same time?

I will take a look at the Audio settings and compare in slow and normal mode (I can’t now as working but will later this evening). The pitch is changing, it’s not that obvious and probably by the same % as the tempo is changing - approx 5.4% difference. I have uploaded audio of the slow play and the normal expected play - expected speed is the longer clip :+1:

i/o is the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 connecting by USB via an ANKER 10 port hub.

Aside from VSTs (less than x 10 installed) PC is also running the Behringer X32 mix application. This is communicating over a Wifi network to a router connected to the X32

Yeah, those symptoms are exactly what would would be expected if your sample rate was being changed. 99.99% probability, that’s the issue.

Well - I’m very relieved to hear that there is a very strong likely diagnosis and cause put forward. Can I ask though what you feel might be causing he sample rate to change in this way without any intervention to the settings themselves? Literally at the point of start up?

Absolutely no idea. Something on your system is changing the sample rate. Q

That is the ONLY way that the pitch and bpm (playback rate) would change.

And it’s happening because GP (for example) thinks that the sample rate is X while in fact the sample rate is Y.

I started up PC and GP this evening and tracks were playing slow. I checked the sample rate using OPTIONS > AUDIO SET UP. The sample rate was 48,000Hz in the settings. I restarted machine, loaded GP for a 2nd time and the tracks played at the correct tempo. I checked the sample rate again and that still showed as 48,000Hz.

Is there anywhere else I should be checking the sample rate? Anywhere within the settings of the Audio File Player itself for example?

Is this happening with the same tracks or with different tracks?

If my system happens to be in this “Slow Mode”, any and all rackspace, which includes audio from the audio file player, is subject to playing slower.

Yep, somehow the sample rate is being changed by something on your system.

What other devices do you have connected to that computer? Do you have webcam, for example? Are there any other audio programs running (or trying to run) on it? (For example, does the Behringer Mix app try to change the sample rate?)
Are you using any virtual audio drivers?

There magic here….something outside gig performer is randomly changing the sample rate of your audio driver and that is why the speed (and pitch) of your audio files are changing.

How long had you been using GP before this problem started? What happens if you use a different audio interface? How is your computer connected to the Behringer mixer?

Here is a list of equipment currently connected to this PC:

  • Behringer X32 rack (via USB)
  • Roland A800 Controller (via USB)
  • Scarlett 18i20 interface ((via USB)

Other than GP the only other App running is the Behringer x32 desktop application (I think that is called “Mix Edit”). Not using any virtual i/o substitute. I’ve tried that out in the past when not able to plug into my interface but stopped doing that as it would not pick up my actual physical interface again once connected.

I’m happy to check any sample rate values wherever you feel they need checking. I did check the “audio options” for this as you had recommended but that remained constant in both slow and standard modes.

if it is of any relevance, I have tried playing audio files being used in the file player in the native windows environment (windows media player) and they always play at the standard speed.

The issue reported has been present from my first use of GP. i think that must be around 18 months ago. I introduced GP in order to drop off 1 x keyboard from 3 boards to 2 as so many of the venues we play were limited for space and also for transport reasons. Instead of running backing tracks for 8 x songs from a Sequencer (Juno-G), I converted each of those individual tracks to audio stems which I could play via the audio file player. The first gig I played with this set up was lucky and the application played the tracks at standard speed. The 2nd gig it played them slowly and then the 3rd gig I think is when we actually noticed the tempo was off,

Can you check out this tip?
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