Audio cutting out when playing

A very strange issue has just begin to appear in a gig file that I have been using for the past few weeks. Upon loading of the file, the audio begins to drop out randomly when I begin playing both of my controllers. The only way to really describe it is like a glitch with a kind of popping sound. Whatever rack space I select, the same audio dropouts occur. I have selected rack spaces with a single instance of one plugin and it’s still occurring. It’s happening to all the plugins that I normally use - Pianoteq, Omnisphere 2, Kontakt and B3-X. It is happening with both of my controllers, a Nord Stage 3 and an Arturia Keylab 88 mkII. When I trigger B3-X from my Nord, the notes sustain endlessly, with the audio glitch continuing. I have run the plugins in standalone mode and this issue is not occurring. Also, I went into the Audio Setup of GP and selected my Macbook Air M1 instead of my Radial KL-8. Even with this setup, the glitches are happening. The only thing I have changed in my setup in the past 2 weeks is I installed Orange Tree Samples the Famous E Electric Piano soundset that I use with Kontakt Player. No hardware changes whatsoever. I ran the MIDI Monitor plugin and have detected nothing odd being sent out of my Arturia. As I mentioned, this is happening whatever controlling I’m using. And the most odd thing is that this audio glitch issue, seems to be the very worst then I initially open up GP. After a few minutes, the glitches don’t occur nearly as often and after a longer period of time, they seem to completely disappear. I am completely baffled by what’s going on here. A big gig a week from Saturday and I’m beginning to become very nervous…

My version of GP is 4.8

For the heck of it, I would check all audio interface settings (buffer, frequency rate) used by Gig Performer.

Could this be memory-related? After all, the memory footprint could have been changed after adding a new library to Kontakt.

My 1.5 cents.

What version of Kontakt? There was a recent discussion of CPU spikes in 7.6.1 that was fixed on 7.7

Hi, try changing in Kontakt options/engine/multiprocessor support to Off if it is off try 2 or the maximun amount your processor have. Also most of Kontakt programs have lots of maximun voices assigned sometimes 512 or 1024 or other. Try reducing to the lowest you can without interfering with the sound. When you play you can see how many voices are you using and adjust accord to that

Per your advice, I updated Kontakt Player to 7.70, and the CPU spikes have disappeared. Still, I find this odd as the spikes were occurring in Rackspaces that didn’t have an instance of Kontakt in them…

It was exactly the same for me.

Were you experiencing the spikes even when an instance of Kontakt was not in a Rackspace?

With no inside knowledge of what the actual bug was, plugins start “processing” when loaded and although “bypassed” in the sense there is no audio to process they are still very much functioning in the background of the OS.

It is possible that their implementation had some other non-audio threads running, possibly running erroneously at high priority. Those would be running all the time, regardless of whether the plugin was in the active rackspace.

We’re seeing quite a few bugs in Kontakt these days — personally I’m staying with Kontakt 6 for live performance use.

Yes, only as I testet with predictive load set to 1 it works.

Now I am on macOS Sonoma and Kontakt 7.7 and it works, but they introduced a new bug.

Sometimes when you load a Multi via the recent menu it crashes.

It is a known bug - the developers could reproduce.
They hope to deliver a bug fix with the next version.

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