Arturia patches problems

I have Arturia Collection 8. Sometimes when I set up a plug-in, when I reload the gig file, I have to go in and re-select the patch. The sound I selected and saved with the gig file is either different or does not sound right. It there something I have to do differently? I can’t go in and reconfigure this every time I load a new gig file.

HI @RGSullivan

I think we need some more information: Windows/Mac? Is it any Arturia Plugin or just dedicated ones (which)? AU/VST/VST3 behave the same?


I had this problem with several arturia vst3 plugins. With vst2 I have no problems (Win10)

Try to set delayed for the Plugin in Plugin Manager

Using a Mac with the latest operating system and VST3. I’m gonna try the fixes the guys below suggested. Hopefully, that will take care of it.

Thanks! I’ll give that a try. Hopefully a fix with IOS as well.

Thanks! I’ll give that a try as well.

ugh… I just started having this issue as well. I just crammed through adding about 20 racks (one per song) for a fill-in gig this afternoon. On a Mac M1 running native. I’m mainly seeing this on the VST3 version of the DX7-V (so far at least). One rack has 2 of them (layered piano/pad) and one later down the line has an organ type sound. I saved and went back to the previous one and the organ preset is set inside the pad one (I name the plugin blocks to match the type of sound) and the piano one has the pad.

Is the arturia plugin running native or is it Intel running under Rosetta?

For me, it’s running native VST3. I haven’t noticed it with other Arturia plugins yet, but will keep testing.

This is a really annoying issue with V Collection plugins, that hasn’t yet been fixed by Arturia. The problem is with the way presets and settings are stored and recalled. I found a workaround, it requires quite a bit of setup but it works in Pro Tools and should work in GP as well, check it out and let me know.

(V Collection 7 plugins not recalling properly in Pro Tools (Mac AND Windows))

I noticed that this issue has been posted for Pro Tools on the Mac. For me it happens on both MacOS and Windows 10, and I’ve come up with a workaround. It amounts to way more setup and maintenance than you should have to do, but it works. When I follow these steps, my Arturia plugins (currently using Mellotron V and Mini V3) always come up with the correct patch/settings when I reopen the Pro Tools session:

  1. In each plugin, save the current patch/settings as a Preset in the Library, if it isn’t already saved there. Do this for each plugin instance that has a different patch.
  2. In each plugin, create a new PLAYLIST.
  3. Drag the saved preset(s) into the playlist, in the order you want (or drag to rearrange afterwards).
  4. Insert a program change automation message at the beginning of each Arturia track, corresponding to the preset’s position (starting with 0) in the PLAYLIST.
  5. Open all Arturia plugin windows, by Shift-clicking each plugin so it stays open.
  6. Always leave all Arturia plugin windows open, simultaneously, when you close the Pro Tools session.
  7. Unfortunately, if you work on both Mac and Windows as I do or, for that matter, more than one computer regardless of platform, you would have to do the above steps on EACH computer, exporting your presets to a place where they can be imported on the other computer. But since the presets and playlists are stored on the computer, you can instead just copy the following folders from one computer/platform to the other:
    Presets are stored here:
    • Win10: C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets<PLUGIN NAME>\User\
    • MacOS: Macintosh HD/Library/Arturia/Presets//User/
      Playlists are stored here:
    • Win10: C:\ProgramData\Arturia<PLUGIN NAME>\User\Playlist\
    • MacOS: Macintosh HD/Library/Arturia//User/Playlist

To Arturia: perhaps the above workflow will give you an idea of how to fix this issue? It’s ridiculous that your plugins can’t recall their settings properly unless the settings are saved in the Library and included in a Playlist, and the plugin window is open when you reopen your Pro Tools session!

Did you try “delayed” setting in Plugin Manager?

did you mean Plugin Manager? That’s a good tip, might make a difference in GP. My Pro Tools solution does that by putting the program change message at the beginning of the track, but that’s assuming that the Arturia plugin’s preset has been saved in a playlist,

In what does this “way” behaves badly? I also use Arturia plugins, but without any issue on Win10… :thinking:

With this delayed setting an issue has been fixed in loading the correct plugin state.

@David-san Okay, it may be more of an issue with Arturia in Pro Tools, and perhaps the delayed setting will fix @RGSullivan’s issue, but still, what he describes sounds exactly like what I’ve experienced in Pro Tools. It may be that if you’re using the Arturia library presets that come with the plugin, then there’s no problem, but for me (and many other Arturia users – check the forum article link) the issue arises when I’ve manually tweaked a plugin patch or created one from scratch. So I think, and Arturia has not responded to confirm or deny this, that the plugin settings are either stored incorrectly in the host application or are later recalled incorrectly. As with @RGSullivan, I was constantly frustrated by my settings not sounding right, even though they “looked” right. For example, the filter cutoff would sound quite different from what the plugin interface was showing. And this was on both Win10 and MacOS.

Do you use VST2 or VST3? I just have such issues with VST3.

Ah, good question. Pro Tools doesn’t support VST, so I was using Arturia’s AAX plugins.

Oh, I understand, thank you.

I was using VST3. I’m gonna try with VS2 and hopefully that will work ok. From the comments above it should! Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!