Arturia FX2 VST3 plugins crash GP

Every Arturia VST3 plugin in the FX2 collection is crashing GP when I try to add it to a wiring diagram. The corresponding VST2 equivalent works OK.

This was reported earlier today.

It seems Arturia is working on it…hang tight!

Yes, sorry after posting I noticed it had been reported already. It seems to just be the new plugins that were added to FX2. Glad to hear Arturia is working on it.

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Interesting. I have the Chorus JUN-6, Mini Filter and Rev Plate-140, each purchased separately before the bundle was introduced. I tried the VST3 versions of each. Only Rev Plate-140 crashed GP4. The other two worked fine.

Are the Chorus and Filter NOT included in the bundle? Just wondering why they worked.

We have worked closely with Arturia in the past - they are a great company to work with and so I have no doubt that this will get sorted out, it may just take a bit of time.


Arturia has been in touch with us - this issue is being worked on. They are a very responsive company.


On ETA on a fix? It’s been a while now.

We haven’t heard anything

I see today’s update by Arturia didn’t fix the VST3 issue. Are you sure it’s an Arturia issue because the plug-ins work fine in Cubase 11.

Do you have a crash report?

Doesn’t prove anything - GP exercises plugins more rigorously than most DAWs

Arturia is aware of that and is working on that issue.

OK, Thanks, eagerly awaiting them to resolve then because I usually don’t install VST2’s if 3’s are available.

Why not? I have yet to find any benefit to VST3. I still use VST2 as much as possible.

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The only advantage I know is that with VST3 it would be easy to not consume CPU when the plugin has nothing to to, but the developers of the plugin have to use that feature.

Well developed VST2 plugins also reduce their CPU usage dramatically when they’re not producing sound. Pianoteq, Kontakt, the arturia modeling collection etc. all do a good job

Yes you are right, but it would be even easier to do a good job with VST3.
But many plugins do not take advantage of that.

A bit frustrating that it’s taking so long for this to be fixed.

VST2 is working?

They are working on a fix.
The do not release new versions just for single plugins.
I am sure within some weeks the will provide a solution.

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Fixing code is not trivial. First, you have to be able to reproduce. Then you have to figure out the cause. Then you have to figure out how to fix it. Then you have to determine whether the fix impacts or breaks any other plugins that are sold by the company. That means you have to perform regression testing of your entire product range. Then you have to check that the plugin continues to work properly with every host you support. Then you have to give it to your beta group to check it on various hardware and in the presence of different versions of the OS, different audio interfaces and so on. If a problem is found then you may have to repeat most if not all of the earlier steps.

All of the steps above require prioritization and schedule planning.

And that’s just for one bug!

(And then users want to know why an upgrade costs more than $20!)