Arturia (and maybe other plugins) setting to keep an eye on

To help optimize CPU usage, don’t forget to check your Poly settings on the Arturia synth plugins. I had a plugin set to 4 voices when I only needed one and it was using a good amount of CPU when idle. It’s easy to overlook as some presets have them set higher, even though you may only be playing it with less voices for that part. Always set it to the lowest voices needed.

I’m sure there are other plugins that use a similar setting. In my case, it was a 4% CPU usage penalty for something I didn’t need


Good to know. I’ve been toying with it and am experiencing lots of crackling.

Don’t forget you can even reduce more the CPU usage on MIDI idle with this:

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That’s definitely on my list to try and test out, but for now, I need to focus on converting the rest of my Kronos Combis to GP and run a bunch of show’s worth of playing through them. Once I’m caught up, I can dedicate some time to testing the script at home. Awesome job btw!