Any luck with the metronome denominator?

i was hoping in an update in the metronome denominator that it would pulse on 8ths if set to 8, not 1/4’s, someone mentioned outsourced vst plugs for gp but they don’t work,

We put this onto our TODO list. Thanks!

Thankyou , I can’t give the band click until the denoms are available ,

You could create your own click track file with a daw and use that in the Audio Player.

Or you could use a sampler (Kontakt?) and trigger that with EZPlayer from toontrack.
Works fine.

I just want to sync bass lfo and arp to Gp source if I use a recorded one in audio player and it’s a hair off , yuk, ,… a friend of mine uses a fantom roland keyboard and it has an option to sync to click which is what I want

OK, then you could use Toontrack EZPlayer to play midi notes.
And use for example battery to hold your samples.
This way you are absolutely in sync with your global play and can adjust the tempo the way you want.
With scripting you could program tempo changes, all possibilities.
As I remember you are using Omnisphere - you could load your own sample in Omnisphere and trigger it from EZPlayer.

in The interim best bet ,

I thought it was free , it’s 46$, expensive metronome , I’ve been using stylus cause I can adjust time signatures , 4/4, 6/8, etc

Piano paul, I noticed ableton denominators work, I set up 5 scenes with 5 different tempos , can I just use ableton as a click or would that be too sluggish in Gp? , to use the link button. …, all this nonsense will be done with when Gp gives us an update on metronome of course

I have launch key midi controller but for some reason when I scroll the scenes the tempo doesn’t change between my 5 songs , but Gp has master tempo , so that may work

I am using Ableton Live and when I switch scenes and start the scene, the tempo is set correctly.
Try this:
Start Ableton Live and load your Set
Start Gig performer and load your gig
Enable Link in Ableton Live
Then enable Link in Gig Performer
Then go to your desired scene and launch the scene (do not start global Play in Ableton Live!)
The tempo is only changed when you launch a scene, only switching does nothing!
In Gig Performer the correct tempo should be set.

Please send a screenshot how you live set looks like
or better upload your live set.
I can test with

It’s simple , 5 tempos…, I can scroll with the novation launchkey , but of course in Gp it would be easier

did you trigger the scene after switching?
how are the names of the scenes?
I cannot see in the uploaded picture

Try that picture … the only problem is I 1 song at 4/4, then 6/8, and the master scene isn’t changing to 6/8 with Gp song choice

You have chosen too low resolution, I cannot see in detail.

As I said, only switching a scene does not change tempo or 4/4 to 6/8
You have to trigger the actual scene.
This all his well documented in the Ableton Live User Guide.

Bigger file now, here’s now what I have

So I have to keep midi controller in launchkey mode, got it working, il have to make sure I can still use the same controller in Gp for basic automation …,

Sorry, but the picture is fuzzy!

When you trigger a scene via a mouse click is the tempo changing in Gig Performer?

This is what I am using in Ableton Live