AH SQ6 Midi Control via USB B anyone?

Hi community i am mixing with an AllenHeath SQ6, i would like to use GP to control the SQ6 via midi. do any of you have experience with this? I have a USB connection to the mixer. Midi driver installed on the laptop (WIN11). This also reacts when you move a fader … How does this work via GP?

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I the past I controlled an Allen&Heath QU24 via MaxMsp
As far as I know you have to send NRPN Messages

So with scripting that should be possible.

Do you know this?

Hi Pianopaul,

I´m new to GP and scripting is far away for me yet …
a simple explain prog is needed :pray:

When I am at home I take a look on my MaxMSP patch what MIDI messages have to be sent to move a channel fader and mute it.

What do you want to control from GP?

i would like to be able to switch the mute function of channel 1 of the mixer on/off as a test. how do i send a corresponding midi signal to the mixer?

Your Laptop is connected via USB to the SQ6, right?
Can you enable the SQ6 MIDI in Gig Performer in the MIDI Port Options window?

Oh, thats great thank you!

yes i can

Das ist schon mal die halbe Miete :wink:

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das hört sich ja nicht schlecht an :wink:

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