Advice on workflow


Hi, first post here. I’m just getting to grips with GP and am wondering the best workflow. I’m setting up the keys part for a new show as follows:

2 Acts
16 songs per act
15-20 patch changes per song

For each patch change I will be loading 2-3 Kontakt instances, but the plugs will remain the same. Obviously I need everything to be loaded for each song before I start to play, so what is the way to do this? A new Rackspace for each Patch change? Does that load everything for the song in advance? Or is there a better way?

Any insight given will be gratefully received.


Simples Answer, it depends

How much RAM do you have?
When you have enough RAM I would disable predictive load.
When RAM is not enough you could ceck predictive load to a value maybe 3.
In SetList Mode you know create a song with Song Parts.
Each SongPart now references a Rackspace.
Each Rackspace in a Song is preloaded, so the switch from SongPart to SongPart will be glitch free.
But when you switch to another song Gig Performer has to load the assigned rackspaces and that could take time depending on the plugins you are using in the rackspaces needed for that song.
The value of predictive load determines how many rackspaces are loaded, so you can experiment with a value so that you RAM is enough.

Hope that helps.

by the way: for different sound (or like you say patches) you can use variations within a rackspace and
mute or unmute all plugins you need for a variation.

This all sounds more difficult as it is, just experiment to find your optimal setup.
Feel free to ask, when I was not able to describe clearly (I am not native speaking … )


By the way: You could load different instruments in a Kontakt multi and with variation changes you could select the desired instrument.
You would use a widget which sends a PC message to the Midi In Plugin connected to the Kontakt instance.


Here is an interesting Forum entry:

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This could help also:

Widget to change programs/bank in Kontakt?


Thanks for all of that. Unfortunately none of that is quite what I’m looking for, because every patch change is actually a whole new Kontakt mutli, or multiple instances of Kontakt. Therefore it’s the whole instrument setup that changes between patches. The only thing that remains the same is the reverb send setup.

This means that I need a different rackspace for every patch change in the show. Estimating around 300 for each Act at the moment. If there was a way to have a Global reverb set-up, it would mean that I don’t have to load multiple identical reverb plugins per part of a song.

I have no real problem with the re-loading at the start of each song, although I would feel more comfortable if the whole Act was loaded at the start, rather than loading multiple times in the middle of a performance.


If you enable the “Predictive Loading” feature in GP it will automatically do what you need and load the next song(s) automatically as you move through your performance allowing you to instantly switch between patches/songs and still not use more memory than you would in a few rackspaces.

It’s just a simple checkbox in advanced options and the setting to let you choose how many rackspaces you want loaded at the same time. Note that if you are in the setlist/songs mode - a current song will always be loaded.

Global effects processing is high on our priorities list.


Thanks for the reply. Hopefully the overhead of the reverb won’t be too much under the current system. I’ll report back when I have it all working.