Advice on a USB hub

I’m going to purchase a USB hub and was hoping to get some suggestions from the group as to what their preferences are. 4-6 connections & powered of course. Thx!

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I use this type. 60W powered is the way to go.


Yeah, I’m a fan of Anker as well

Just ordered one with an Amazon gift card!

Have you used the 12V, 7 port Anker hub? I have one that I’m suspecting might be causing some random issues (stuck notes, midi controllers not being recognized) Perhaps it’s underpowered? I’ll pick up the 10 port either way as I need more charging ports for ipads for my live setup, but curious if anyone has had issues with the smaller one

I haven’t used that one, always a 10-port hub. I think that 7-port hub is only 36W, so you might be underpowered.

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Yeah, I thought I was in the clear with 2 keyboards and 2 ipads, but more power is always good to have

I solved the thing in another way. Because an hub hanging on stage is not the perfect setup.
I bought Arturia Minifuse4, an audio board with 2 usb ports. To power those ports you must connect the audio board to its power supply, but it works perfectly. Audio and latency are very good, and you have 4 analog outputs and 4 inputs.
It’s the best thing I could find for all my needs.

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I have 2 of these. All the previous problems I had with USB hubs were obviously caused by insufficient power.


You did not tell us, if you need USB-C (e.g. fornewer MacBooks)…

I can recommend the following one:

It’s self-powered and no possibility to power it externally… I have the following connections

  • Arturia KeyLab 61mkII (powered by the hub) for USB MIDI
  • Kurzweil forte SE for USB MIDI (mains powered)
  • Focusrite Scarlett 6i8 (externally powered) audio interface
  • Soundcraft Ui24R mixer, 32channel audio interface (mains powered)


  • long and solid USB-C cable
  • aluminum body

Absolutely stable! However I have to admit, that the final stress test with the Soundcraft has to be done in the next days in a rehearsal. The first three entries are proven…



This USB hub is highly recommended:

It is specifically studio tested for audio applications. I have had one in my system for several months with no issues.

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I just got the Anker 10 port model as an upgrade to the 7 port and I can get both of my ipads to charge at the same time, so that’s a big plus!

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I have 3 of these plus I paid extra for a USB-C- USB Hi Speed Cable. This is so I have the identical unit at home, at practice, and in the gig bag. I have a couple of spare 4 ports in my gig bag as well. The Anker looks good.

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I do also use an A Logic Multi Hub, for my displays, Hard drives.