Activate Keyboard Split "Learn" Button?

Is it possible to activate the Keyboard Split “Learn” button via GPScript?

I would love to set these without opening the GUI.


No - GP Script was never intended to be a replacement for GUI operations.

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Good to know.

In that case I’ll write a script that applies the next two midi notes to the MinNote/MaxNote parameters.

You wouldn’t want to just put two Midi In blocks in the rackspace with different keyboard splits and set up widgets to bypass the Midi In with the split you do not want.

And just change to the other variation when you want to change the keyboard split?


Thanks for the suggestion, but I have hundreds of different midi splits utilizing several different midi sources nested within many instances. I need to be able to quickly set them up and capture them on a song to song basis.

So even if there was a way to enable Learn from a script, how would you invoke the correct “Learn” since that mechanism is tied to individual MIDI In blocks?

Organizing things in submenus, it’s not that complex. It’s just not an issue of highlighting this midi block or that, as I understood @jeffn1’s reply.

I have seven different instances with identical Midi panels. Each rackspace contains my five possible midi inputs (Swell, Great, Choir, Pedal, Max) with a midi panel controlling split/midi bypass.

Then it’s just a matter of choosing where I want to place my instances. I can have one instrument per keyboard, or I can have one keyboard split up into many different pieces. I can layer how I like. This system allows me to only use one instrument per rackspace (which keeps backspaces/memory to a minimum) while maintaining a gigantic amount of potential instrument combinations. On simple songs, my unnecessary instances switch to an “Empty” backspace.

But despite this simplicity, the splits compound. 7 instances x 5 splits x 150 songs equals 5,250 splits :crazy_face:

Tying the individual mechanism to each MIDI in block is as simple as syncing a different tab (with identical layout) in OpenStageControl for each instance of GP. Each tab would contain 5 split “triggers”

But don’t worry, I think I’ve found my solution. I’ll show you the build on my next Gig Performer in Action :wink:


If I remember well I implemented a learnable split Scriptlet in this rackspace:

If it is useful for you, you could reuse the method I used to MIDI learn here in your own GPScript.


Awesome! I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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