512 Buffer Size for Guitar AMP SIMS Problem

I want to use Amp Sims like Amplitube, Overloud and Neural DSP in Gig Performer and I have seen the advice that you need a smaller buffer size like 128 samples for that. My problem is that I use Gig Performer also as a kind of MIDI backing track device. So I use in one Gig File sometimes like 20 or 30 tracks and each track with an VST like Omnisphere, UVI Falcon etc.
I got the impression that when I use so many VSTs at the same time that I need 512 buffer size, but as I said I know that is not a good solution for real time guitar playing with amp sims. So what can I DO?

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You can use multiple instances of Gig Performer.
Link: [blog] How to use multiple instances in Gig Performer 4

I know, but this would make things more complicated. It would like to keep everything in one instance.

I could also use the stand alone versions of the Amp Sims, but this would also complicate everything. The great beauty of Gig Performer is to have a total recall of everything you need within one Gig File in one instance of Gig Performer.

Understand, but using 2 instances is not that complicated.
The advantage go doing this, you can spread CPU usage over the cores as each instance uses a different core.
And with simple OSC messages you can sync the instances.

Are there example of syncing two instances anywhere?

I would have a look at that, but I really would prefer to have everything in one instance.

Then you need a power machine, or you resample your demanding VSTā€™s

What buffer size in Gig Performer would work in your opinion for realtime guitar playing with for example Amplitube? Does it have to be 128 or less or could it be more if I am trying to find a compromise.

Every overall latency <= 5 msec is fine, but you have to try.
If you tend to play advanced (what drummers do not really like) then you can go up to 10 msec :wink:

Did NOT know that this was the case! I have a similar use-case and had no idea this was possibleā€¦amazing!