2 Way Hardware Integration

So I’ve got my typical keyboard controllers running Gig Performer and it’s very easy to set the buttons, sliders, and so forth to control widgets in my rackspace. However, I can not figure out how to go the other direction … to control the hardware from GP.

For example, on my Panorama T6, I map toggle buttons to widgets on GP to turn on things in the underlying plugins. This works great. I click a button on the keyboard, which toggles and lights up, and it turns on something like portamento on a synthesizer. The corresponding pad or button or switch or whatever lights up in the GP panel. I click it again. , light goes off, corresponding button in GP goes off, and portamento goes off. All fantastic!

Now let’s say I have several buttons like that mapped on a particular rackspace “A”. Maybe a couple of them are on initially by default for that rackspace. If I’m on some other rackspace, with no buttons on in GP or on the keyboard, and I now switch to “A”, the buttons on GP are lit/on, and the underlying synth parameters are on, but the corresponding buttons on the keyboard do NOT switch on to reflect the actual state. I have been unable to figure out how to get those to work.I would hope it would be an automatic thing, but I would even be OK if I could script it somehow. Any ideas or am I just missing something?

Did you enable sync in the widget properties?

Yes I have tried that thinking that’s what that was supposed to do, but no luck…

I will double check this again just to be sure.

What output device did you set in rig manager for the midi device alias?

First of all, the hardware has to support bidirectional communication for it’s controls (buttons, etc.)… if it doesn’t, there’s nothing you can do, even scripting won’t help.
If you run out of luck trying to get it to work, you could contact the manufacturer’s support… just to make sure you’re not chasing ghosts.

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Maybe you can draw some further information or ideas from this older thread:

If i recall it right, the Nektar keyboards don’t offer their full functionality when running in “dumb” midi mode (internal mode). They do work with deep integration only when they are connected to a DAW they “know”… unfortunately Gig Performer is not amongst those (at least it wasn’t when I owned the Nektar).
Btw. it’s quite the same with the NI Komplete Kontrol.

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Thanks. I was afraid of something like this. Oh well. Do you know of any controllers that do work?

I have the same problem with my Akai MPD232.

In MainStage, this function worked perfectly, so I’m SURE it has bi-directional functionality but in GP, there’s something avoiding it from working. When I press the sync button, a “CANCEL” button appears but does nothing else.

Anybody have any ideas to what may cause this disfunctionality?

Thanks in advance.

Can you upload some screenshots?
Are you using rig manager?

I don’t know anything about the requirements for that keyboard but either Apple or AKAI may have written a specific driver to support it

I had a few issues getting my widget feedback to work scripts came to my rescue, here is my solution it may help Widget Feedback with Input and Output Translation Scriptlets for Control Surfaces.

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What screenshots do you need?
I’ll upload asap.


The widget Properties
Are you using Rig Manager?

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Ok… rig manager?

Haven’t quite got round to that yet… just bought GP 2 days ago… :wink:

@pianopaul ,

these are the widget properties for the mute button. On the Akai, the led only lights when I press it physically and not remotely from GP.

Any ideas?

OK, wenn you press the Sync Button, what happens?
How looks you MIDI ports window in the Options Window?

That “cancel” button appears and nothing else I’m afraid

Please show your MIDI Ports Window in the Options