Zoom on Rackspaces?

I’ve been using Gig Performer for a few weeks now and I’m getting my rig set up for live play. One thing that I’ve been wondering is if there is any way to scale the rackspaces up/down? When I bring up my global rackspace, because of my screen resolution (2K) the global rackspace covers much of the normal rackspace.

It would be nice if I could have an overall scale to gig performer’s racks so I can put a few more on screen at a time. Am I just missing a control?

you can try a couple things to increase apparent scale of the rackspaces…

  1. you can put GP into full frame mode. Just click on the GP icon in the upper left.
  2. you can reduce the sidebar of the rackspace list / song list and this increases the size of the panel view, scaling up that view.

@brandon Thanks for the response. Yes, I’ve seen these two options. I was kind of hoping that I could scale the racks themselves to like 75% – just to get a few more of them into the screen. Of course, I could just pick up a high resolution monitor to use. I wouldn’t see this as much of an issue while live, it would just be more helpful when setting up large racks with a bunch of widgets for my sets.