YouTube Video: Multiple Keyboards and Gig Performer: Help With Different Scenario

Thank you for the informative YouTube video for using Gig Performer with multiple keyboards:

My scenario is different from the three presented. I use a double tier keyboard and neither keyboard is truly static with one sound. However, the top keyboard only needs instant access to about 16 sounds that I would call up by pressing a button on the keyboard. I may need a Moog lead line, or perhaps a Mellotron, etc.

I was thinking the global rackspace would be the route to accomplish this setup but the implementation is difficult. I would setup my 16 plugins in the global rackspace, assign Bypass to widgets mapped to buttons on the top controller. The trouble though is that when a button is pressed, not only must the particular plugin be activated but all the other 15 plugins must receive MIDI messages to Bypass their respective plugins. Therefore, it would be possible to toggle between the 16 sounds, and only one sound would be active.

I’m not sure if scripting is needed here, or if there is an easier way. Perhaps a new feature: what is truly needed is dynamic routing. In Gig Performer, we draw a connection between the MIDI block and the plugin(s). That connection is static and hard-coded. But what if we could dynamically change that connection during the gig through a button on the keyboard?

What’s in your other rackspaces and is there any correlation to what you need in that upper keyboard based on what else is going on?

I have about 64 other rackspaces currently used by the bottom keyboard. They cover all sorts of layers as well as single instruments (e.g. piano, piano/strings, piano/organ, piano/pads). Similar rackspaces for Rhodes and layers. Other rackspaces for B3 organ, pipe organ, clavinets, synths, etc. Some rackspaces with splits (e.g. piano/organ bottom half of keyboard, horn stabs in the upper part).

I’d love to use the top keyboard for mainly synth and B3 lead lines, and in cases where I need to play an organ/strings/pad but have the bottom keyboard available to play rhythm (e.g. piano, Rhodes, clavinet by itself with no layer).

In the User Scripts section there is a great post about how to use scripting to implement a row of radio buttons. This is what would be needed to control patch selection in the global rackspace using buttons.
I’m going to give it a try and see if it works.

Right but I don’t understand why you can’t put the plugins you specifically need for your solos in the actual rackspaces where you have your other plugins.

Why is it necessary to separate out the upper keyboard?