Yet another modular plugin

From AAS — they make great plugins



They need to add GP to the “compatible with” list.

Very cool, simple modular synth.
I’m just appreciating that there’s a patch name called, “Chernobyl Theremin” :slight_smile:

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Just bought it.

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I must confess that i am not so much into this whole “modular thing”… i do have some ARP 2600 clones and the big “Moog Modular” from Arturia and i really like their sound but i don’t actually know how to really use them, or to patch them so it makes sense (and nice sound).
But maybe it was diffrent if i really had a piece of hardware and a bunch of cables… i already thought about selling some stuff that is lying around and then invest the money into a Behringer 2600 to experience the “real feling”. Maybe some day… :smiley:

To test it to make sure you don’t need it?

You know I am a “Jäger und Sammler” :wink:


If only I would have already tested all the plugins I bought :innocent:

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I guess you missed Thad’s original quote. It’s one of the best quotes I’ve ever encountered in the music world

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Well, “our” music world. :nerd_face:

I see, you meant, Thad the famous philosopher of music :wink:

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I’d be very interested in comparisons to VCV Rack. Anyone have any thoughts? At first glance, the only advantage seems to be that it will function as a native plug-in, rather than the cumbersome workarounds that you have to do with VCV.

Also, sound quality comparisons?


That’s a rather huge advantage.

Yes it is. I don’t mean to downplay it. Particularly for GP users. However, in Ableton I don’t know if that advantage will trump the huge library that VCV users have access to.

I get that but pragmatically I’m not convinced that the usable part of that huge library is that big. I mean, how many different sawtooth VCOs do you really need? Is anyone really going to compare 50 4-pole VCFs to find the VCF?

Of course there is a huge amount of junk and virtual clones in there. But there are a lot of wonderful modules as well. Many modular manufacturers have created very nice versions of their hardware modules.

Just off the top of my head, I use the Vult filters, the complex oscillators from Audible Instruments and Valley’s Plateau reverb in a large percentage of my racks. There are a number of different sequencers that I use as well. And the wealth of utilty modules makes workflow much easier.

However, though I’ve connected VCV to Ableton just to make sure that it works, I haven’t really tried to make use of it for gigging and it’s quite possible that that a more limited set of modules would be fine for those situations.

In any case, I’m not trying to argue for one versus the other. I was just hoping to piggyback on other’s experience before buying yet another VST…


I’m certainly no authority on modular synths. I’ve dabbled with the Arturia Modular V3 on and off for many years, and felt this offering from AAS sounded good and was priced appropriately, so I bought it. No regrets.

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I bought and currently use Voltage Modular from Cherry Audio. It’s not expensive and quite simple to use. Their tutorial videos are perfect. Of course modulars are toys to make strange sounds.
There are more compact synths to make classical patches. Voltage Modular has a huge list of add-on, I bought simulations of my beloved Korg MS20 and it is really fun to use it in polyphonic and with other sound generators