Yam Display with Gig Performer (Mac to iPad)

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What was a nice surprise with Yam Display is that they’ve kept compatibility with old iOS versions - even works my ancient iPad 2!

It was fun getting my rackspace/song selector extension in fullscreen on the old iPad :grinning:
This was the USB connection. Scrolling and selecting was working well.


This is great…thanks for the idea! I’ve got an older iPad that just found a new purpose in life!!


I may have spoken too soon…When using one iPad for the main monitor of a Mini I can’t get another iPad to open another Mirror or Extended window at the same time. You have to close Yam on one iPad to open it on another.

Hmmm…research time…

Success!! Using Luna Display as the main monitor for the mac Mini I can run YamDisplay on a second iPad for an extended monitor.

I knew there was a way!


I’m using Yam Display on an iPad 2 as a remote 2nd monitor. This gives me touchscreen control over the mac, but iPad does not recognise the 3 finger swipe to move between full screen applications on the mac. I’m not sure whether the limitation is in the software or the hardware.

Anyone tried this on a newish iPad?

After using a bluetooth trackpad for a couple of gigs, I started running the IEM app on the iPad instead of the Mac, much to the MBP’s thermal relief! Just a bit clunkier switching between apps on the iPad where Yam does indeed have to have a think before displaying. (I’m sure 'tis an ancient iPad issue).


Are you using the Yam Display with an MI MacMini?

I tried the Yam Display free version with my MacMini M1 using the IPad pro as the sole monitor for my MacMini. And Yam Display is set to Extend Display. Ableton Live 10 displays and functions perfectly with this setting. Unfortunately Gig Performer latest version does not display at all. When I set Yam Display to Mirror Display Gig Performer appears but isn’t full size and doesn’t fill the IPad screen even when I click on full screen for Gig Performer. Someone from Duet Display calls this letterboxing. I definitely would get Yam Display if they can get Gig Performer to display like Ableton Live. And ideas or things to try would be appreciated

You might go into Yam’s settings and experiment with different resolution settings.

I think the free version is a much older version. The free one didn’t fill my entire iPhone screen, but the paid one did.

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Thanks for that tip! I did e-mail the developer about this issue

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I’m particularly interested in how this works out. M1 Mini + iPad is a cost effective upgrade path for me.


Under Yam Display Preferences, if I turn on the ‘Enable Touch Bar’, it shows the Touch Bar icons at the bottom of the iPad - one of these is the Mission Control icon that allows you to switch between spaces/fullscreen apps.

EDIT: If you have BetterTouchTool you can also make your own Touch Bar buttons and set them to move left/right through any spaces/fullscreen apps.


The developer replied that I should try the paid version and that there’s a refund option if it doesn’t work. They also recommended that I update my OS to Monterey. Not sure if I’ll do that right away as I want to make sure all my plugins work well in Monterey. I will try the paid version as there’s a 7 day refund option and it’s only $7.99 vs Luna Display’s $129.00

I have had zero plugin problems in Monterey. All seems to work smoothly.

Mission Control on the touch bar has not always worked for me. Instead of pictures of the Spaces dropping down for selection, just a name which would refuse to respond to clicking.

BetterTouchTool is a great shout. Was surprised it worked on Yam’s TouchBar and managed to get buttons working to move between Spaces :slight_smile:

Many thanks


I bought the full version of Yam Display and after some experimenting with settings etc I got Gig Performer to display on my IPad Pro and I also updated my MacMini OS to Monterey. Thanks for the suggestions!