XY joystick widgets and Range faders

Hi all, is there any plan for XY joystick and range faders widgets?

Hi @Alfonso_Santimone, does this help?

thanks @David-san.
It’s a good workaround (and i could do the same for a range fader using two different fader widgets).
But it can get pretty clumsy when several joysticks are needed and when you want operate directly on the GP panle with a mouse or a trackpad.

Yeah, we’ve always worked on the premise that widgets would be used to respond to physical joysticks, not to replace them.

An XY pad is on our feature list but (so far) has not seemed to be much of a priority.

I’m not sure what you mean by a range fader.

Great. With a range fader i mean a fader with two handles so you can visualize and control for example loops start and end…or a band-pass filter lower and higher frequency bounds, etc…

Ah — right now, the nearest you could get to that is by applying a scaling curve to a slider. You can see here where the full range of the slider is actually mapped to a smaller range that would define the parameter values. This example is linear but of course with scaling curves you can have any shape you want.


thanks…but i mean something like the range fader on Max or on Lemur where you have a fader with two handles to control two different parameters

I am not aware of a “range fader” in Max

But if you have two parameters to control, then I suppose you could just lay two sliders one above the other and do it that way. If necessary, you could use GPScript to prevent one from “passing” over the other.

For example:

2021-07-16 18-20-06.2021-07-16 18_20_54

and this is the script that could be used to constrain the sliders. Not a perfect replacement but, as has been frequently observed, “Perfect is the enemy of good enough”


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