XLN Audio won't add

i want to install XLN Audio Addictive Keys, but when i go thru the whole proces of adding vst’s and i end with scan for new or updated vst’s, XLN Audio does not appear and it seems i did nothing.
I use to have Addictive Keys installed and it was gone (Addictive Keys is missing), but i never moved that vst.

What happened?

Thanks in advance.


Did you then uninstall it? Does the vst appear red in the plugin manager, or not at all?

Windows? more info please on version involved (WIN, GP, plugin)

I never uninstalled it.

Okay, just to be sure: you’ve the 64bit vst’s installed?

Windows 7 64bit version, Gp version 3.7.1.
The strange thing is that have used Addictive Keys within GP 3.

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Yes, i have. I have used XLN Audio before.

Maybe try running the XLN Installer again?

Have you updated Windows recently? Whenever there’s a major update to Windows, I have to reauthorize AD2 and AK.

I needed to update the windows installer for XLN Audio and when i did that i opened GP3…and everything works fine.

Thank you for your advice and help.
I am a happy little geezer now. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: