Wow - everyone thought it would just be another CS-80 but

And what about the CPU usage of their other synth? I am closed to invest in their new Stack 3 synth collection:

I own quite a few of their synths and i love them. Some of them are not really light on CPU usage, but as far as I can say, they are well usable.
Oh… this gx-80 is very tempting again, but i think, i won’t buy it this year. I already spent enough money this month and i should first play a bit more with what i already got before buying new stuff.


Yes…myself I try to stay with the Spectrasonics suite and Arturia Suite + my prophet rev2. Every normal person would keep that for life and learn to use it to the bone…but easier to say than done :joy:

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Of course I bought the stack…
Bad thing is the GX-80 simulation needs a polyphonic aftertouch controller.
Nothing easy in the market

It does not need, it supports it.

Do you know the scriptlet to fake a polyphonic aftertouch?

Yes. I had a link in another thread. Will test it during Christmas holidays.
I know that poly aftertouch is not needed, but changing those complex pad textures just pressing…

I bought the GX-80 and love it. I don’t see a heavy CPU usage. Perhaps stacking multiple instances in a rackspace would do it. The Korg Triton VSTs are the worst CPU hogs in my gig file.
One quirk about the GX-80 is there is no infinite sustain by using the sustain pedal. This is based on emulating the original design. You can adjust a sustain release time but it will fade. Infinite sustain works when the notes are held down.
There are possibly two layers for a patch. If you want to add LFO via the modulation wheel you may need to adjust both layers.

But as Gig Performer users and thanks to Scriptlets, it doesn’t matters for us :wink:


Thank you!! Going to try this plugin later today.

According to the documentation when Sustain is set to ON it should work normally.
But it does not.
I contacted Cherry Audio Support.

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This is in the documentation

Note: There is no way to get an infinite sustain when keys are released as may be possible on other synthesizers. Released notes always decay, similar to on a piano with the sustain pedal down. To keep a note sustaining indefinitely, its key must be held down.

Maybe they react on my request.

Hopefully. There was a similar issue with Miniverse where the plugin conformed to the original design regarding not being able to adjust the pitch bend range. Originally, I got around the issue by adjusting a widget in Gig Performer but then Cherry Audio added the capability to the plugin directly.
I’d like to see Cherry Audio add an infinite sustain mode for the GX-80.

How did you adjust a widget to control the pitch bend range? This would be very helpfull for other VSTs, where you can’t adjust the pitch bend range.

I contacted cherry audio and they take the sustain thing on the request list.

Map incoming pitchwheel to a widget — map the widget to the pitch bend parameter of the MIDI In block connected to the synth you want to control.

Adjust the widget scaling to suit!


I downloaded the sample gig file and I see the Sostenuto plugin. However, I don’t see this plugin when I try to insert the plugin in my own gig. I don’t see it listed under any presets or Scriptlets. Do I copy the Script contents from the sample gig file to my own Scriptlet and save it?

If you want the Scriptlets to become a favorite, please RTFM :wink:

I got it to work. I inserted my own Scriptlet and copied the code from the Sustain scriptlet. Assigned a button widget to control the “sustain” parameter. Then used MIDI learn for that widget assigning my sustain pedal.

So the sustain Scriptlet works for you?

Yes. Thank you.