Works Like A Champ


I’ve been running with GP for a month now. It took a couple weeks to get comfortable with features, stress test it and configure rackspaces/variation. I’ve completed a few gigs so far with no glitches, errors, crashes or the like. If fact, I’ve been blown away at its stability and reliability. I’ve tried to use MainStage and other tools for at least 15 years and nothing was even close to being gig worthy. I tried setting up live rig in Ableton and Logic and they were too bloated with features that didn’t translate into my world. I tried VST in stand-alone mode (e.g. Kontakt) and while it could help with a couple songs, it didn’t work well in shows. I’m a gigging musician who plays real instruments. I don’t push buttons or use loops in shows - I play keyboards. I needs access to patches, I need them to recall quickly, and I want stability. Well, GP, you’re the answer to my prayers.

GP has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in live shows. I can have all the Omnisphere, Kontakt, U-he synths and other piggy VSTs running together to make some very interesting patches. I’m having a blast.

I’m gigging with two keyboards (Stage2 and an Electro) and MIDI’ed up to GP. I use Set List Maker to control my show (building set lists, lyrics, program changes and the like). I’ve integrated GP as “just another synth” into my rig.

Having a blast with GP. I’ll post a video of my rig on how I use GP. I’d love to see what others are doing as I’m sure I can pick up a few tips.


Cool - thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate hearing these stories, they describe exactly what we wanted to accomplish when we decided to create Gig Performer.