Workflow multiple (ext) controllers


Was wondering how you guys would program the workflow described below:

I use 2 synths (Yamaha montage & Motif). Both connected with midi usb to gig performer. Both keyboards use both internal sounds as AU plug-ins.
As an extra switch-controller I use a Korg Nanocontrol.

In the setlist I’d like to make combinations of PC (different to both synths, can this be done (also in song parts)??) and layered or split with au plug-ins. I could set both synths local off and setup all midi in gig performer.
2nd: Let’s say: If you have 4 sounds and you want both keyboards to be able to select all 4 sounds when needed, I have to make 4x4=16 rackspaces for all the combinations, right? And I’d have to program each rackspace all over again (I can duplicate one sound, but I can’t copy paste the other one?)
I could load all the 4 sounds in 1 rackspace, but normally I use a lot of more sounds …

If the “double” program change doesn’t work, I’d have to use two instances, load the same gig and make a setlist for each instance seperately (and control both with the nanocontrol (is this possible?)

I always worked with Mainstage and programmed the sounds in library, then made a setlist with only aliases and PC for both keyboards.

Hope you all understand what I mean.

Thanx in advance for your answers / thinking along!

Are you on Mac?

Yes sorry. Catalina

So you could build a so called Aggregate Midi Device in audio-Midi-Setup.
With this device Gig Performer sees this device, but in practice more than 1 physical device are “contained” in this device.
This way it should be possible that you can send PC messages from your different keyboards.

Sorry, I meant the other way around: to send 2 program changes from Gig Performer to the two synths (different ones, example: song part intro sends pc 7 to montage en pc 9 to motif)

Yes is possible

Ah awesome. I’m almost there :)))

Any thoughts about this:?

Do you mean play the sounds?

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Yes with AU plug-ins. I could do something with midi channels but I use a lot more sounds than 16.

I’m just looking for a way to make easy combinations without having to program the rackspaces again (mainstage uses aliases). 1 total rackspace with all the sounds in it and working with variations is an option but I think too CPU heavy. But If you use a rackspace for each sound and you want to combine those rackspace for 2 keyboards… Combining rackspaces? I can duplicate 1 rackspace but not copy + insert a rackpanel (together with the plug-ins).

When you are talking about mainstage and alias: Do not forget an alias only holds a plugin, you have to switch presets by midi.

I think it is worth to think about what Gig Performers concept is all about and create all rackspaces needed.
In SetList Mode you can reuse rackspaces, so the complete number of different rackspaces is under control.

Sure you can build a lower number of rackspaces and switch sounds by sending PC messages to the plugins, but you miss the possibility of patch persist.

You can take a look at this blog


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Ok, but if you have for example 6 sounds (different plugins) in six different rackspaces and you want:

Song 1: keyb 1 strings, keyb 2 organ

  • I can duplicate the strings rackspace and set the right midi in block
  • I can NOT copy paste the organ sound, So I’d have to create the whole rackspace (with all the drawbar widgets etc) all over again.

Song 2: keyb 1 organ, keyb 2 synth lead

  • I’d have to duplicate the organ rackspace and create the synth lead rackpanel etc all over again in this rackspace.

You could avoid this by placing all sounds in one rackspace, duplicate this rackspace for each song and make the right routing but with 25+ sounds in one rackspace the CPU will not like it.

Etc etc.
Am I missing something to get this workflow easier? (this is what I meant with aliases. You can assign Midi in etc to an aliases, therefor you don’t have to create the patch and widgets/assignements all over again).

Hope you can help!