Wireless IEMs for live performance

I’ve just had a look at the Shure SE846 Pro Gen 2 IEMs. They are hugely expensive but do have four drivers and are top rated. Shure also make a wireless adapter that can be used with the SE846 (Shure True Wireless Adapter Gen 2), but being Bluetooth, I was wondering about latency/delay. I am a novice here and would appreciate any advice offered from anyone who uses IEMs for live sound. Cheers.

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I wouldn’t touch Bluetooth for anything live!


Yes, I would second this. Plus you would not do the 846s justice by driving them from inferior wireless systems. I’ve been using the SE535 with custom sleeves for years and am really happy with the sound and comfort.
If the higher end stuff from Sure or Sennheiser isn’t in the budget, I would always prefer a wired solution. The frequency range, dynamic range and stereo width is quite reduced with more affordable wireless systems.

Thanks for the input.

Not everyone will agree with my decision, but I eventually bought the following:


On the night, I played for a select group of Rotarians about 50 in number. I set the FOH volume to what I thought was a moderate level. After the gathering had consumed a few drinks in the smallish room, the chatter coming my way was deafening. I turned the two floor monitors up but still lost the kick drum from time to time. Then I moved the monitors in until they nearly touched my feet and turned up the level a wee bit more. I think the fold back started to dominate the FOH at that point as I was asked to turn down again. After an hours break for speeches and dinner, I played for perhaps 1/2 hour while the crowd gradually left. End of night, and a dilemma regarding the answer to all this.

The next day, I popped around to my see my grandson who is a good musician with a keen ear for sound. He suggested looking into small desktop monitors mounted at waist height much closer to my ears. I did the research and read plenty of good reviews praising the Mackies. They are still in transit, so I am hoping for a good compromise for the situation.

Maybe I misunderstood your Initial post, but you asked for advise on a specific model of iem and Bluetooth connectivity. Not on the topic iems vs. monitor speakers. Therefore my specific answers.
In general I prefer iems over speakers in almost any live setting, apart from low volume acoustic gigs. I am a drummer predominently.
If you need more advice on iems in general, please let us know.