Windows MIDI drivers


I just want to pass on my experience testing LoopBe1/LoopBe30 by vs. LoopMIDI by Tobias Erichsen.

LoopBe1 and LoopMIDI are both free. A LoopBe30 license costs $19.90/€16,90.

LoopMIDI creates MIDI ports on the fly. LoopBe1 is limited to a single port. If you guessed that LoopBe30 supports up to 30 ports, you’d be spot on! You can configure it for any specific number of ports (I needed 2).

Both drivers functioned well, but there was one issue…latency.

Not noticeable with LoopBe. Noticeable with LoopMIDI.

LoopBe also has solid shortcut / feedback detection.

$20 (Loop)Be gone.