Windows Audio As Source Audio

Is it possible to use audio from Windows Media Player or streaming from a website as the audio input source in Gig Performer. In other words I don’t want to use my audio interface as the audio source for GP but rather Windows internal audio. The reason I’m checking GP out as I want to be able to add a plugin loudness meter in my laptop to measure audio streaming from a remote studio. GP is probably overkill for this simple function if it can do it. If it can’t is there anything else somebody can recommend please?

Maybe that helps:

It works, and there are even many ways to make it work. I do it using a loopback from my audio interface. I have a setup for using GP together with Skype for online piano lessons during the lockdown :mask: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I just experimented using the “Loopback” feature in TotalMix FX with my BabyFace Pro interface. It worked great…easy as pie!


Yeah anything that provides loopback these days is onto a good thing. That’s why the IK Multimedia iRig Stream is selling like hotcakes I reckon. Just had a look and my Steinberg UR28M has a loopback button in the mixer app. All these years and I never saw it before. I will explore that. Thank you :slight_smile:


Looking at the loopback info in the Steinberg UR28M manual it reads: “Turns the Loopback function on (lit) and off (dark). When the Loopback function is set to ON, the audio signals output from MIX 1 in the DSP mixer (dspMix FX) in the device are returned to the computer for actual broadcasting. Refer to
the section “Signal Flow” (page 35). When using multi-track recording in audio recording software,
set the Loopback function to OFF.”

Unless I have not fully understood it this sounds like it is sending what is already in my audio interface out but I want what is coming in over a web browser to also to go into my audio interface. Lucky I saw this video and got it to work for me.

I didn’t try it with something via the web. I was using a MP3 player…which I assumed would be the same. However, I just now tried it with YouTube and it worked fine also. I had to insert a Gain control to manage looping…but it worked. I checked it by using GP’s Record Audio feature. All was there. Of course, when playing back the audio file on GP’s Audio File Player, you have to make sure to turn the Loopback feature off.