Windows 10 build 1903 & Windows Firewall

After the Windows update, opening an old.gig files within GP 3.27 would crash GP. When I clicked on the .gig file to start GP, then Windows Defedner Firewall highjacked GP. Only after I gave the permission in the Defender, everything was fine.

That’s not the end of the story, either; the update knocked out my Korg MicroArranger Air. Found out on the net that many others are having the same issue and that Korg is working on a new driver now. I hate to mess with registration files, but I did and in the end I got the keyboard back. Build 1903 is a major update, and it “shocked” my machines and applications in them!!! It took my machines a long time and several boot-ups. I think this is really the first time a Windows update gave me issues across the board. Other than that, Windows is not really a bad environment to run DAWs and VST plugins. Of course, a fine app like Gig Performer makes it much easier.

For me, it was 1809. It took me over two months to recover from that one (I even had to replace my printer). 1903 was super-smooth for me (well, as super-smooth as Windoze can be). It didn’t even knock out my Addictive Drums and Addictive Keys licenses.