Windows 10 - Best ASIO Interface Device?


I have a Win10 environment using Omnisphere and a few other VSTs for performing at church. I’d like to run my guitar through GigPerformer as well to simplify my gear. Any recommendations on the best interface device (Steinberg, Scarlett, etc.) that has the best latency for this configuration?



Take a look at RME.



Yeah – RME interfaces are phenomonal - they also properly support multiple audio clients on Windows (which many audio interfaces astonishingly still don’t). They’re a bit more expensive than others but worth every penny.

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Being the happy owner of two RME UCX Audio interfaces, I can only agree. It does almost everything and very well. I wouldn’t look anywhere else.



So far this has been very helpful - are there any more entry level options in the $300 range?



Lots of entry level devices — but your question was, “Any recommendations on the best:slight_smile:



Thank you for requesting clarification - and you are correct: my original statement should read: ‘Any recommendations on the best interface device (Steinberg, Scarlett, etc.) that has the best latency for this configuration in the $200-$300 price range?’

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I’d still recommend you go for an RME Babyface — you can probably get decent quality 2nd hand on ebay for $300 or so and you’re going to be much happier (particularly on Windows) given that it’s multi-client.

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I have been very happy with the Scarletts… I have a 6i6 for my desktop, and just bought a 2i4 for my Surface Laptop. The internal soundcard just wasn’t going to cut it no way. I thought about the Solo, but figured an extra XLR would be nice for a mic, and MIDI ports are handy for my old woodwing controller. The buffers can be set for very low latency and minimal noise with a little experimentation.



Try looking at the motu stuff also i use a motu uktralite mk4 it runs great



Thank you all for the comments. I just got the Steinberg UR22mkII. After some messing about with the drivers and installing the Yamaha/Steinberg ASIO driver, I’ve been able get my stereo guitar feed running through GigPerformer with an acceptable latency. So far so good.