Win10 laptops and latency

Ok all, sorry for the late reply. This is what got me extremely stable on both a Dell laptop as well as MS Surface Pro 7.

  1. Disable all unnecessary hardware either in device manager or bios. This includes cameras, card readers, all network devices

  2. Once GP is up and running, open Task Manager, go to Details, look for Gig Performer.exe, right click, Set Affinity. Then unselect the very first CPU (so that it’s not being used for GP). Leave all other CPUs checked.

You will have to do this every time you launch GP. BUT this allowed LatencyMon to run for several days with absolutely no warnings about possible audio problems. This gives me much more confidence when taking on stage.

Unless you have software like Process Lasso: Process Lasso’s Automation
It can automate and persist CPU affinities.

I recommend reading our guide and of course sharing your results with us.

I’m particularly interested in seeing your results with set up processor affinity and results without changing it.

What is Affinity ?
What is the reason for unchecking cpu 0 ?

By unchecking CPU 0, it frees that one CPU to handle only operating system tasks (and won’t interrupt Gig Performer) because Gig Performer will only use the remaining CPUs.

Ok, interesting and very useful. But I will wait until next week to test this, after my 3 days of live performances this weekend.


You can also create a shortcut which will start GP with the correct affinity, rather than have to change it each time - does away with need for process lasso

e.g. start /affinity # “[Path to executable]\GigPerformer3.exe”

You’ll need to workout what affinity # to use, based on the number of cores

Thank you Matt. I’m definitely going to try this! Much appreciated.