WIN 11 turned out to be very stable!

Not completely Gig Performer related, but i wanted to give a positive testimonial on Windows 11!
My main (office) PC recently decided to die from one day to the next… the machine was stone-dead:
No bootup messages, no bios, no lights on keyboards & mouse, no beep…
So i decided to exchange the power supply, which didn’t help.
Then i saw a “Quick Debug LED” on the mainboard indicating that “VGA” was faulty.
So i also exchanged the graphics card… with no effect.
After that i decided to exchange the mainboard and CPU as well…
When i managed to have all the new components assembled together (still using the “old” SSD-drive with my system on it)… the machine came to life again and after a short bios check, Windows just booted up as nothing had ever happened! :nerd_face: :point_up: :partying_face:
Ok… after a BIOS update there had been some new drivers to be loaded, but with zero hassle and now everything works again like a charm.
Oh yeah, and even though i updated almost my whole hardware, Gig Performer started as always… no activation was lost.
When i imagine i had to have this done under WIN10, i guess i had to just install the whole system from scratch. So two thumbs up for WIN11! :+1: :sunglasses: :+1:


Would you have any reasons to guess, that this fix would have not been possible under Win10?

I’m still on Win10 because with some text hacks in the .ini of the driver files I can still run my legacy Edirol A-300 MIDI keyboard controllers. Not yet tested under Win11.

I read somewhere last year that the issue with win11 was something to do with USB. I can’t remember what exactly and now I can’t find it. So I’ll just ask a blanket question. Are there any downsides to upgrading to Windows 11?

I’m upgraded to Windows 11 rather soon after it was released (yeah, living on the edge :slightly_smiling_face:). I didn’t face USB problems or other instabilities.

Under the hood Windows 10 an 11 do not differ that much, so I expect that’s still viable.

No… not really. It’s just my personal feeling - maybe i confuse the behaviour of WIN10 with WIN7 (i can remember when i once tried to “rescue” a PC where the mainboard got changed and everything ended up in a huge mess, but to be honest, this was surely a long time ago.
Maybe WIN10 would have been that stable too… maybe not - but WIN11 definitely was!

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I set up my old Edirol PCR-80 controller that used Win XP drivers etc. and software in Win 10. I had to do similar changes to get it to work in 11, I don’t recall fully the details like /set testsigningmode on, edit the ini file, and a few new things to disable in 11 to do with security when I tried to run my program (the internet helped with), but in the end it works. Sorry I’m a little vague, I’m far away from my gear up north and my notes.

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