Will an external GPU improve GP performance?

I’ve just discovered a small and portable external GPU called GPD G1. People are using them with the Surface Pro line of tablets. My question is - does GP make use of the GPU to load and play rackspaces? Would there be any benefit in the addition of one to my setup?

In normal use it would seem highly unlikely to make much difference in my opinion.

That said, it’s possible that if you are just past the edge of usability without one a GPU could get you into somewhat usable territory. But that seems like a very edge case

I have GP running on systems with and without graphics cards. Really makes no noticeable difference from my experience. I tested one system with and without a few years ago and noticed no difference.

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

There is work being done in this field, but it’s still pretty early in usability and compatibility. Once it’s more developed and supported, it could be a big factor in gaining processing power using the computer’s GPU to process VSTs.

Here’s their website:

A year ago, I signed up as a beta tester for their free plugin Fir Convolver to get it and try it out , but it was using 30% of cpu cycles in GP despite my Nvidia RTX 3060. Yet the plugin couldn’t be simpler: a selector from 1 to 10 to choose a fixed IR and a “mix” knob.

I sent them my feedback but never got a reply, although I was forced to unsubscribe because I kept receiving advertising e-mails.

Maybe now there’s been some progress, they’re working with well-known partners…

But this company is strange: to date, none of their plugins is indicated as being available for download: “notify when available” for the 6 plugins released a year ago + 3 others shortly after and “coming soon” for the 8 others, not counting the “fabulous” and revolutionary synth MAJOR: the imminent release of the latter was announced in April 2023 by the director of gpu audio in an interview on the site of… gpu audio, but not only has it not been released, it has even disappeared from the site.


It has been very quiet on their development but hopefully with the partnerships with Audio Modelling and VSL will eventually bring some progress to useable plugins.

Even just some basic support of built in GPUs would be a welcome bit of processing power without having to upgrade your hardware

I don’t want to go overboard in criticizing this company, but on the partner pages displayed on the gpu audio site, if you read the “Features and Benefits:” sections carefully, you’ll find that they’re just information on the specifications of these partners’ plugins, with no mention of the inclusion of gpu technology.

What’s more, their blog is full of new developments involving these partners, yet it’s strange to find no trace of this technology or even simply of their partnership on these partners’ sites and on the pages of the plugins concerned.

I suppose this is all still under construction, and I also hope that it will one day become a reality, but I’ll be following the progress of this project on their partners’ sites instead. :wink:

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I’m certainly not holding my breath :rofl: Hopefully it comes to be, but I agree it’s been mostly vaporware up to this point

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