Widgets lose mappings

I am having a problem with widget mappings; I think I have the midi learn and set to the control I want ( in this case volume), it works fine, U save it , but sometimes after I close the file and reopen it the widget does not respond,.
What I’m using:
Arturia keylab 61mkii as my controller and synth
Korg N264 keyboard as main synth (using only plugins)
Radial key largo direct box
MacBook Pro 2012 , 16 gbs. RAM
1gb ssd(main drive)
1gb ssd ( 2nd drive)
I realize more info maybe needed, but it the intermittent of it and has been happening live .
I search the blogs, but nothing exact or similar.

But in the widget properties the midi learned settings still exist?
Maybe the physical midi device has changed
What can you see in the global midi monitor window when you move your controller?

No physical device have changed, all the mapping info is there, I have to re-learn the midi setting for each widget. I will check the midi monitor.

Which OS do you use Win or Mac? On Win depending on the controller driver, Win often rename badly the drivers which looks like a new hardware in your system. When this happens the only solution is to use Rig Manager in GP. In Rig Manager you can define an alias name for your controller MIDI ports (e.g. Key_61) and for all the controls you need (e.g. Knob1, Knob2…). Then these alias name are assigned to your widget rather than the hardware itself. When the driver naming issue arises, you only need to start Rig Manager and reassign the MIDI ports alias name and everything should works again.

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If it’s none of the above, there is a known issue with certain controllers, that even after using rig manager (and no driver name has occurred and in rig manager the correct mappings “flash”) the widgets are not working. If this is what’s happening, a simple restart of GP fixes it. Try restarting GP. Does it begin to work after?

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