Widgets don't light up

Hi all.

I have placed a few pad buttons with a panic function and tap tempo, for example.

The thing is that If I press the button directly on GP, the widget lights up momentarily, thus helping to see that it functions correctly.

The problem is that If I tap the pad on the hardware, It functions correctly because I see the panic message appear in the software and I see the tempo change also but the widget shows no feedback AT ALL …

Has anyone got this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

Any ideas?

Thanks guys

Please, give some details what you mean by hardware, otherwise it will be rather difficult to help you with this. Are you referring to an (external) touchscreen or …?

Ah! Sorry.

I use an Akai MPD232 as a controller to fire effects and change songs, etc etc… and I use 1 pad as a quick PANIC button and another pad as a TAP TEMPO… Everything works fine but I don’t get ANY visual feedback from GP widget.

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The PANIC button won’t let me sync and the TAP TEMPO and PREV/NEXT SONG are synced but don’t seem to do anything.

you are using system actions plugin?

yes. You taught me this function last week :wink:

because system actions execute a command, the widget is reset after the command is executed.
and this is so fast that you cannot see when the widget is triggered.

Ok… so maybe I should try with another type of widget…

Why is it important to see the widget flashing?

instead of system actions you can use a script

   tap : Widget

// Called when a single widget value has changed
On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from tap

I suppose it’s just a visual thing… just to make sure things work properly beforehand

I haven’t got round to studying scripting yet. I am still re-programming sounds because we will be starting rehearsals soon and I am starting from scratch with GP. (ex-mainstage user)