Widget valuescaling confusion

I’ve got an expression pedal assigned to a widget that I’m using to control the volume in a mixer. Using the scaling value, I set the Default value to 0.00 and the widget value to 75.0. When I attempt to save it, the widget value is at 7.9. The pedal widget also shows 7.9. In the scale window, I’ve set the Max at 75. Still the widget value remains at 7.9. I’ve read the section in the manual, but still can’t figure out what I’m not doing correctly.

Addendum: I deleted the rack space in question and imported it again.Now the widget value is at 100 and I cannot edit it to 75.

I’m not following what this issue is.

The ‘Widget Value’ is the current value, and will always be from 0 to 100, depending on the current position of the widget knob/slider.

The ‘Default Value’ is only relevant for when you double-click the widget (or use scripting), and it then sets the widget to this default value.

Only the ‘Scaled Value’ figure on the right is affected by what you set in the scaling curve window. In the example above, I have set the ‘Max’ to 75. So when the actual ‘Widget Value’ is 100, this is scaled to pass a value of 75 to the plugin.

Scaled Value is set to 75. The slider,when moved, that controls it indicates 6db, but, there is barely any volume. The mixer slider indicates the full range of the slider. I cannot get any volume increase. Still very confused…

It will probably be easiest if you share a rackspace (or a simplified version that still shows the issue).

I just looked at the actual volume setting on the plug-in(Omnisphere 2). Even though the master fader is up to a nominal volume, the actual signal indicates almost no level at all. As I mentioned previously, the mixer inputs that are receiving the output of Omnisphere works as it should with the fader widget. So the audio out of Omnisphere is near zero on its own. ???

Omnisphere key range is A-1 - F#0

EVERYDAY.rackspace (984.8 KB)

Most issues can be identified by simplifying the signal chain. There is nothing odd with how the mixers or widgets are set up. So I’d guess that the volume coming out of Omnisphere is the issue. You can confirm this by connecting its outputs directly to the Audio Out block.

I loaded your rackspace and can control the volume via the widget and I can hear the sound.
So what is the issue?