Widget to show split points

Hi GP world i would like to put in a request for a widget to show the split points set out in veiw for performing as it is sometimes hard to remember how you set all your zones up on all the different rackspaces. I like how mainstage does it.

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That is already implemented:

Yes i know but like a visual display like MS with colors etc so u can quickly see your points live.images%20(1)


Yea, this is already on our list for a future update.

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Thanks that would be great😀

Hi @dhj, is this split widget coming in gp4. It will be so handy.

+1 - This is the main thing I miss from MainStage. I play in a couple of '80s cover bands with large repertoires and it’s challenging to remember every layout, especially when someone calls an audible for something we haven’t played/rehearsed in a while. (Two controllers, tons of splits and layers.)

A visual view is on our list - though I can’t say when we will have it. We agree it would be very nice.

It’s complicated by the fact that in GP, you can do arbitrary routings as opposed to serial connections in a channel strip approach.

In the meantime, GP offers many other solutions, this is the one I am using right now, with illuminated keyboards as well:


OK, that looks AMAZING! :open_mouth:

That totally fits the bill. I’m off to dive deeper into the docs… :smiley:

See here: [Gig] Illuminated Piano

And here: Alex's rackspaces

Yes, and it is also part of the GP4 keys templates :wink:

That’s true, but not with this brilliant text :slight_smile:


I laughed when I first read this! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I tried to do something funny, you can guess my source of inspiration… :wink:

Where is this? And why isn’t it Gig Performer & Daughters???

Isn’t it “Gig Performer Bros.” :crazy_face:

It’s here: