Widget to Change MIDI Channel?

I have a SampleTank 4 plugin loaded with 16 instruments; pianos on MIDI channel 1, guitars on MIDI channel 2, and strings on MIDI channel 3. I want to drive the ST4 instruments from my two MIDI controllers. Is there a widget that will allow me to change the destination MIDI channel being sent by each of the two MIDI Inputs? This would allow me to interchange the pianos, guitars and strings across either or both controllers, based on the MIDI channel being sent by each controller.

My alternative is to have redundant MIDI Inputs, one for each destination channel that I toggle the “Note On” parameter through a switch widget.

Sure. You can use any widget, for example one of the knobs. Select “MIDI In” as plugin and Channel 1 Output as parameter. Then you can change the destination MIDI channel with this knob and change and recall the widget value with Rackspace variations.

That being said I don’t recommend this approach as you can easily get hanging notes. In this case I would just use three different MIDI In Blocks and change the “Block MIDI In” setting with three different widgets and three variations.

“In reality” I wouldn’t do it like that if I had 16 instruments. I would either use a keyboard that lets me change the transmit MIDI channel (and takes care of pending note offs to avoid stuck notes) or create 16 rackspaces with only one instrument loaded in SampleTank.

Thank you, jazzundso! Your suggestion worked like a champ!! While it is true that there is the risk of hanging notes, I plan on using the widget in rackspace variations (between songs) so generally I won’t have any notes on at the time of the variation change. I will do some testing and confirm.

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