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Is there a way to “Omnify” the MIDI controller input for controlling widgets?

The issue I’m having is that I have a Roland A800 pro and a Worlde Panda Mini which are setup to use the same controllers. However GP learns the MIDI device itself as well as the CC numbers so the rackspaces widget controls are unique to using that device and won’t work with the other.



There’s no direct way to do that right now. However, there are several ways you could approach it

  1. You could add separate widgets for the respective “same” controllers on both keyboards. Then you could either assign both widgets to the same parameter or you could assign one widget to the parameter and put both widgets in the same widget group

  2. You could create widgets for one controller and then use GP Script to respond to CC events from the other controller and set the widget values


If you are using only one of these controllers at a time - then the Rig Manager is your friend.
Simply create a rig with one of your controllers and then clone it and create another one with the second controller.
All you have to do then is to select your rig in the rig Manager and you’re good to go.

This works with any kind of MIDI controller as well as individual knobs/sliders etc… You could create a control called “Knob1” for example and assign it a specific hardware knob on a specific keyboard. You widget will learn “Knob1” as it’s MIDI controller. You can then associate different hardware controls to the same “Knob1” in different rigs within the rig manager.

More info about the rig manager : https://www.gigperformer.com/the-rig-manager


thanks for this. It looks deep but it may be the best current solution.


I’ve now got this working great for the MIDI controllers. Import the appropriate Rig and the controllers get mapped as expected - Great result, thanks!

Just one small issue - the momentary setting for the play button isn’t retained when I import a new Rig. Easy to fix but it’d be nice if the Global MIDI momentary settings could be retained.


Hmm, that sounds like a bug. Would you mind opening a support ticket so we can look into this?



Thanks for the report. The next update will have this fix.

One a side note … you use the work “import” to describe what you are doing with the Rig Manager. Please note that Import and Export within the Rig Manager are meant to be used when you want to transfer your entire rig setup to another computer. This includes all your Rigs.

To simply create a different rig on the same computer (say a laptop that you carry from your studio to the stage) you only need to click on the “plus” sign (top right corner of the Rig Manager) and create a new Rig.

Once created - assign your controls to the new midi devices, click apply to apply the rig and you’re done. To switch between the rigs - you simply select it from the list on the top of the window and save.


When I tried duplicating the rig and learning the MIDI controls the new controller worked as expected. I then hit save. However, when I replaced the keyboard with the original all of the learned assignments were for the wrong keyboard. I played around with this and finally got it working, but in a way that I had to select the global name in at the top and then hit apply whenever I changed keyboards. I somehow managed to get the Roland A800 controllers reporting as the Panda, but they were working as expected so it’s just a naming thing I caused probably by doing things in the wrong order.

TBH I find it easier to just import the rig whenever needed, especially now that you’ve found the momentary switch issue.


I had to select the global name in at the top and then hit apply whenever I changed keyboards

Yes - that is how it should work. You select your rig from the top of the rig list and hit apply to activate it.
In your case it’s just one keyboard, but it could be any number of controllers.

In addition - if you name some knobs, buttons and such - all you have to do in fact is select that rig and apply it.

Importing a Rig Setup is not the same as switching from one rig to another. If you find it easier to open the file dialog, keep track of the files and import the files as well as have one file per setup - sure - you can definitely do that.


Just want to say how amazing you guys are!
I reported this as a minor bug just 3 days ago and todays release has fixed it - AWESOME!!!


We try. Tell your friends😀


I only have 1 controller that I use for everything at the moment, but I plan to get an additional controller to incorporate into my setup. But I have a question about the MIDI controls section of Rig Manager. Should I create a MIDI Control for each physical control for each MIDI channel that I am using?

Example: If I am using Fader9 MIDI channel 1 for a widget and Fader9 MIDI channel 2 for a separate widget, should I create 2 Fader9 MIDI controls in Rig Manager?


I would do that in Rig Manager


A control is associated with a MIDI port and most certainly includes the MIDI channel. So if you have a single physical control that can be switched to use different channels, then as far as GP is concerned, those are separate controls


Thanks for the information