Widget links broken after image reinstall

I’ve had to reinstall a drive image after certain technical issues arose. All my widget links are broken and I have to go and re-learn them. Why does this happen, because I am using the Rig Manager?

If you use Rig Manager, you should simply make sure that the MIDI Device Alias are green or associate them properly again. Then everything should work.

  1. Is it possible that the gigfile at the point where you originally created that image did not have the widget links defined?

Can you post that gigfile here so we can take a look at it?

I can’t sorry as I’ve already fixed the 19 songs that were contained within it. The strange thing is that by re - learning the links in one gig file of 19 songs, all the other gig files of 19 songs work as normal. Can someone explain that to me please?

At the risk of being chided again for rebuilding Windows, that is what I did. I have learned in the past that when things don’t work as they should, it’s often Windows fault. I’d had been using a six months old build and decided to start from scratch with a download from the web. Using that as a basis, I rebuilt Windows. All is running fine now.

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I really don’t understand why you are telling that :innocent:

Some folks don’t agree with the concept of refreshing Windows with a rebuild. However, it works for me.