Widget linking between regular and global rackspaces

Did you tell it to IK?

Not yet, I told them some other issues, but got no reaction.
What is amazing, in Parallel I play Solina Strings Arturia and when I unbypass Hammond VST for the 1st time then Solina gets a short audio mute !?

I just loaded about 10 Arturia plugins in the global rackspace. Before loading them CPU was at 10%. After loading them it went up to 60-65%. When I bypassed them all, CPU went back 10%. Good news! So at least with quality plugins, this works.

Actually, what is really a good demonstration of the quality of a plugin is one where the CPU is reduced significantly as soon as it stops producing sound, even without bypassing it.

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Interesting! Arturia definitely doesn’t behave that way!

I just tried the Arturia Mellotron — it starts at about 4% and when you play chords it goes up to about 8% (on my Mac) but as soon as I release all notes and sound stops, it goes back down to 4%

Modartt’s Pianoteq is another great example

Kontakt, when it’s not playing, basically goes down to 0%

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Odd. When i loaded various arturia plugins, I didn’t even play a single note. Just loaded them and CPU went up. Then only when i bypassed them went back down.

Are you looking at GP’s Audio Processing CPU or are you looking at your operating system CPU usage?

Gig performer’s. Is that what you’re looking at? When you load arturia plugins and they’re active but you are not playing does your CPU not go up at all compared to before you loaded the plugins??

Curiosity question: What is the “Gig Performer Plugin Block”?

Take this :wink:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-06 um 00.23.15


These screenshots explain everything:


Got it…just hadn’t seen it described in that term before.

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Just wanted to clarify that Arturia does release CPU load when not producing audio. The slight confusion (probably on my part) was regarding CPU usage increase from loading the plugin itself (without actually playing sounds) vs the CPU increase after playing sounds. So the CPU increase that come from loading the plugin goes away by bypassing the plugin. The CPU increase that comes from playing notes goes away automatically once notes are no longer being played. Those are two different causes of CPU increase.

@David-san I just wanted to thank you for the “plugin persist” scriplet. It works amazingly! What an upgrade from using simply NOTE ON filtering (freeing up CPU) and fixes all the stuck on note issues one might have by “manually” bypassing plugins. Thanks!

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate your feedback. Happy it works for you. :wink:


Some unexpected behavior that I need your help @David-san to fix please. My guitar plugin is in the regular rackspaces and I have my synth plugins loaded into the global rackspace with widgets in the reg rackspace controlling/linked to the switch that controls the plugin persist. When switching between variations, the plugin persist bypass works great! Whatever the variations turn on and off are followed exactly in the global rackspace. However, when switching rackspaces, the plugins that were last active in the rackspace/variation I am leaving, do not turn off (bypass) in the global RS, even though in the new rackspace I have different plugins activated. The new rackspace plugins do activate, but the one I’m exiting do not turn off (bypass). Obviously what I’d like is only for the plugins to be active in the rackspace’s current variation.

Currently I have about 12 plugins loaded in total and with your awesome script, only a couple are ever active at the same time, so its possible to have all these loaded without eating up any additional CPU. I understand your script was written for all these plugins be in a regual rackspace, but it works so perfectly for me in the global. What seems to be needed is when switching rackspaces (exiting a rackspace) a bypass ALL would be sent. I know entering into the new and exiting the old rackspace is simultaneous so is that even possible?

Couldn’t you just make sure all 12 plugins used in the global rackspace have a bypass widget in every local rackspace? So when you move to the new rackspace, the new one would set the required bypass widgets.

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I was literally just thinking that as a possible workaround. Yes, that should work! I will live with that if there is no way to address that with scripting, which would be more elegant than having about 10 extra dummy widgets that are otherwise not needed, but for sure, that’s a small price to pay. I can make them very small and out of the way… :slight_smile:

So yeah, that works fine. There is no way to copy and past widgets with the plugins/parameters info also copying, is there?