Widget Groups vs Assign Same Variable


If one wanted to have the same control twice in a rackspace, is there any advantage in using a Widget Group for this versus just assigning the same variable to two different widgets?

For example, in my rackspaces I have a ‘gain stage’ panel which shows the levels of gain controls and plugin outputs through the signal flow. I also may have these outputs on panels for the plugins themselves. This means that if I am tweaking a delay, for example, I can alter the level from the delay panel, but if I want to balance some FX I can also alter the level whilst viewing the gain stage panel, saving scrolling up and down.

It all works fine assigning the same label to two widgets and one advantage is you can use [value] to show the value on both. But just wondering if this has any ‘backend’ impacts that should be considered when doing this over just grouping the widgets together.



That should work just fine, but you do not have to group the widgets for that to work actually. Just assign the same parameter to two widgets and the will be automatically moving each other - no need to put them into a same group. You would have to use groups if these were different plugins/parameters, but if you are attaching the same plugin and parameter to two widgets - they will have the same value by default.

You can map different midi controls to the two widgets or the same MIDI control to them and they will still work in unison.


Perfect, that is what I was hoping - just wanted to check having the same parameter attached to multiple widgets wouldn’t break something! As mentioned, the best benefit from this is that both widgets can display a [value] in the widget label.