Who else is using a Fishman Triple Play here?


FTP is a wonderful device and I am thankful for its creation. But it does have it’s own challenges. It doesn’t help that much of it’s implementation is undocumented officially. Thankfully the folks at V-Guitar forums have been a great resource.

How many other guitarists are trying to use FTP with GigPerformer? I find that I sometimes have unique issues that keyboard players just don’t have and don’t understand why I even have to ask. So I would love to know if there are others here that I can bounce stuff of of.




Yep, I use Fishman Tripleplay in my cover band. I use gigperformer for synth and Apple mainstage w guitar rig for guitar emulation. Here is my setup from last June-

With gigperformer’s new setlist function, I have now eliminated the use of Tripleplay software during shows and operate in the hardware mode.



@thunderfingers. Thanks for responding. I saw your video before and I think you’ve done a nice job with your setup. So your 100% wireless, right?

How do you like the Guitar Wing? I have seriously considered getting one in the past. Is it your only controller? Do you use the slider strips for expression control? Have you ever had any issues with interference or intermittency?

Playing an FTP equipped Stratocaster with (I assume) a floating bridge, what’s your strategy if you break a string? Do you move the FTP and Guitar wing to a back up guitar? Have a second guitar outfitted with another set of FTP & Guitar Wings? Or do you have the bridge locked down so that your other strings don’t slip out of tune?



See my answers within your quoted text.



This is my current rig. There is a 5ghz wireless router for the xr18. I use 2 MacBook pros. One with the behringer um404 for guitar (mainstage/guitar rig) and guitar synth (gigperformer) then the other uses gigperforner with the xr 18 to process vocals and record 18 tracks.

BTW - I said no dropouts on my wireless- that pertains only to guitar wing. Tripleplay gave me lots of problem until I discovered turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on my phones and computers has almost completely solved it.



So that must mean that you use the bluetooth dongle(s) for the guitar wing(s) instead of the Mac’s built in Bluetooth? And that improved the FTP’s reliability? That’s good to know (I just ordered the GW today :wink:)

Did you ever have an issue with your FTP dongle transmitting duplicate data on both the FTP-Guitar and FTP-Control inputs? I just realized this was happening (I’m a recent convert from the Roland 13-pin camp). In the shot of your GP rack space in the video, it looks like you are using the FTP-Guitar device for your MIDI input block. Is that true? Any disadvantages to using one over the other?

I definitely see the need for 2 Macs. Eventually I’ll move to s virtual guitar rig, but right now I’m only using my MBPro for FTP/GP synthesis and running tracks occasionally. I am using a Helix for my guitar rig and audio interface. The MBP just can’t handle trying to do both simultaneously. Besides, if the Mac ever crashes, I still have guitar sounds to get through the song. (GP has crashed in performance twice in recent weeks, despite having fully tested my gig file the previous days - tho these are the first times that has happened).



I must say I am thrilled to be able to share this stuff. Thanks for your interest.



@thunderfingers How kind of you to offer! I’d be honored. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for all your help and informative answers!

Since I have never used the GW before, may I ask what you mean by “sync the guitar wing to the rackspace widgets in gigperformer”?

I intend to use the GW for cc controls as well, maybe also to start stop tracks in the audio player. I’ve not had any FTP dropouts so far…



may I ask what you mean by “sync the guitar wing to the rackspace widgets in Gigperformer?”

For example, I have a boost button on my gigperformer rackspace that essentially is a bypass for a gigperformer gain block set to -4.5db. On the rackspace front panel the bypass is linked to a red light. When I click the red light with the mouse, and it turns on, the gain reduction is bypassed. Click again the light goes off and the -4.5 db gain block is in effect.

That’s how it works with just gigperformer. Now I want the same function w guitar wing so I program a button on guitar wing to be red when on and dark when off. I decide what cc code makes sense then have the gigperformer red light widget learn that code. No script needed for that part.

But some rackspaces and some variations need to turn in boost when you switch to it. On Shut Up And Dance, I play a synth sound at normal volume until the solo comes up which is a different rackspace because it glides from note to note. When I change to that patch, I need gigperformer to send a signal to guitar wing that boost is on and to set the light to red. So I wrote a gpscript that fires on rackspace activation, change of variation and change of widget to keep the guitar wing light and logic synced with my patch change.

Also a button on ge to control a fader from guitar to synth, both, alternate patches.

I have a dial in my rackspaces for 10 guitar patch presets and 10 dmx light scenes. These are all read and transmitted when I change rackspaces or variations.

One bug I have is if I start in the blend mode, then turn it off, it should go to guitar only or synth only depending on what it was before I Went to both. It’s not always doing what I want. I need to test it to see exactly where I am at and the fix it.



Btw- I used guitar wing to trigger the gigperformer audio player. I just used one of the slider strips which has a key switch as well as the variable fader. We did Thriller for our Halloween show and it triggered my edit of Vincent Prices monologue. I found his monologue as an isolated track, so it was pretty fun!



Did you get the Guitar Wing? How is it going?