While in Edit mode double-click on a widget to open the associated plugin editor

Yep, that easy! bring the associated plugin editor window visible.

In the past I made the suggestion that there could exist a widget with this functionality (opening/closing the plugin window right from the rackspace)…

We did it both ways — there’s a little button to the right of the plugin list that will open the selected plugin and of course if you have a widget associated with a plugin, double-clicking on the widget opens it as well.

Yeah, that one I know from the beginning :wink:

And what I’m referring to is, it would be nice to have a widget outside edit mode, close/open plugin windows.

Do you mean like a menu with a list of all plugins in the rackspace? Or do you want to be able to double-click on a widget associated with a plugin even if you’re not editing?

Thanks David for staying on the idea:
I want to associate a widget (on/off) to open/close a plugin editor window

This in Performance view and possibly Midi mappable?

I’d be curious as to the use case for this feature. I’m not sure why I would want/need to open a plugin from my keyboard in the middle of a performance.

I like to use GP so much that its a part of my studio work day by day!! not only live performances;-)

Use case: well besides making it easier to open close windows ahhh and flashing windows all over the place; no just kidding.

Maybe you recall this one with the Eigenharp Alpha
I’m actually opening/closing windows at the same time playing!

Analogie to real live; sound modules racks, putting “things” on the front as much as possible? patchbays, on/off controls, so less going to the back.

Anyway its just an idea, don’t know if other users fell the need of, or if its difficult to implement.