Which Win Notebook is recommendable

I have years of bad experience with windows notebooks. I bought last one last August. After 4 months of fighting I sold it. And I bought a MacBook pro, something I would have never done unless forced.
My experience is: never buy a notebook if you cannot see it running LatencyMon.
Some machines have very bad implementation of energy management. The most powerful gaming machines are the most dangerous.
Drivers and bios can make latency a nightmare.
No way to know if you don’t check with your eyes.
Home machines are much better.
NUCs are working extremely well too

I have got a unit from Gigabyte installed under my piano controller.

I am optimistic with the new Notebook.
It‘s with a desktop CPU and made for Audio stuff.
I had my „old“ Win running very nice within it‘s possibilities; just not enough performance.

I will strip down the new one the same I did with the „old“ one and I am very optimistic to have a powerful

I like Apple, but in this case it was no alternative, I have to much software Win based.

As soon I have the new one running I will give feedback.

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I’ve been using ParkControl Pro by Bitsum for years. Now that I’m moving to a 220v country, I dumped by desktop for a high-end Lenovo ThinkPad. The first thing I noticed after installing ParkControl on is was that the power settings were locked. I could no longer install run their Highest Performance power settings; the laptop was locked to the factory power profile. I can adjust it from Balanced to best performance, but only within the design parameters. I can still monitor core activity with PC Pro.

For those of us who like to fiddle with EVERYTHING, it’s kind of a bummer. But it makes perfect sense. Lenovo’s previous version (the P73) got dinged for thermal management (as in: not good enough). My P17 fixes that. Works fine for what I need to do, but I wouldn’t consider it for live gigging.

Here is mine i use a different audio interface now and controller but this setup is rock solid

Short update,

a couple weeks ago I received my notebook from Clevo.
Its a i5- 10700 processor, Clevo upgraded me from 512GB SSD to 1tB for free, thanks.
The notebook looks as Notebooks looked 13 years ago, thick and havy, but this is due to the desktop processor they build into the case.
The performance seems as expected, no issues so far.
I have one real problem, the CPU fan makes noise (not the air, the thing it self) even when it is just on 20% performce. I contacted the service at Clevo Germany, but they
do not react, or find some other excuses not to answer. For me a clear no-go. As I run it during making music it is not to bad, but if it would just sit on my desk in my office I could not work with it. Due to the service I clearly not recommend to buy this equipment at Clevo in Germany.

Hope that helps others.

How much is the price of this thing?


My Mac was about 5.600 EUR

Are you using a Mac Pro?

Yes Mac Book Pro 2018
2 TB SSD, 32 GB Ram, good Graphicscard and Turbo Boost

No compromises :wink:

MacBook Pro is not the same as Mac Pro.

Wow, that’s amazing expensive for a MacBook Pro

You are right, I did not read carefully.

At the time when I bought it that was the price.
Some times later the price dropped.

As my once seems to do what I need it was a good deal…So far I was running 4x Keyscape, 4x Nectar + 4x Harmony Engine paralell, with some others beside and had no issues.
Apple was in this case no alternative for me.

I am using Apple since about 12 years.
What I extremely like is that Midi and Audio Support is built in the OS.
And you can easily integrate iOS devices.

No doubt they build fantastic equipment, if I would start from scratch I may would
do it with Apple, even if the price is really not “attractive…”

Not everybody want’s/ can spend so much in it’s equipment, especially if it is just a “host” and not an instrument.
I spend so much time (thanks Corona…) to have the whole band now running through GP, for me it was a must.
Due to the restrictions I was not able to test it with the whole band, but tried to simulate.
Another very good “investment” (360,-€ is a joke for this thing) about two years ago was the Behringer XR18 digital mixer, coming from a old (good) analog mixer.
For a small band (or part of a band) whom is interested in using GP I can recommend this set up.

You are right.

But my 1st Mac I was using more than 6 years
And my Mac in the Office I am using now about 7 years.

My collegues which are using a Windows Notebook complain that they get slower and slower every year …

Perhaps they should read our Windows optimization guide.
My Fujitsu laptop that I bought 2009. is still up & running. It was only 550 euro back then.


Yes, it helps; and I did it previously with my “low performance notebook”.
But as the notebook/ desktop has not enough power, it has not enough power…
All depending on how many plugins you are using.
I am still overwhelmed from the possibilities GP is offering me/ my band; and I am trying to use it „to the limit“.
At windows I am still fighting with the Edge Browser, I did all and everything to enable it (and currently it seems to work) but if I will connect my Notebook once to the Net I am sure it will come up with some update again…