Which Win Notebook is recommendable

No, why you think that?
I use at home a Tascam 2x2 and with the Band a Behringer XR18.

Why should some Dell models have issues with audio?

Google it, I found that when I had issues with my HP.
Some recommendations?

OK, Strange when using an external Audio Interface.
Sorry I cannot recommend, I am on Mac.

I have a HP Zbook with a Xeon processor. It is very fast and I found it’s internal audio interface and drivers to be able to handle quite a lot.

I used a HP Z-Book (i7/16GB) before but if the rackspaces were getting a bit “heavier” it wasn’t fast enough and it went hot and loud (the fan) quite quickly.
So now i built my own “laptop”, ok it’s more a tabletop, but it’s transportable and it has all i need in one (suit)case… i7@4GHz, 32GB RAM, 2x 1TB of SSD (M2 drives), water cooling (efficient and quiet) and a 21" screen where you really can see everything. Ok… it’s bigger and heavier, compared to my former Z-Book. :smiley: :wink:


now THAT is cool

Thanks. :smiley: (I still have to integrate the audio interface though)
And at home i can connect it to my big 55" tv screen since the mainboard i chose offers two video outs.


I have seen this: Clevo-Computer NB70TA, 17’’.

Sorry, Video is in german: Der beste Laptop für Cubase & Co ist kein MacBook - YouTube

Thanks for the info so far.
I am native German speaker, thanks for the link.
@schamass That looks loke a “hobby in a hobby”…
When I bought my Notebook it was just to control the surface of the digital mixer, now the whole band should run through GP, mainly 4 midi tracks with its VSTs + 4 mics with its effect VSTs + sometimes the E-drum with its effect vsts…
Paralell a DAW is runing paralell to record it. Depending on the number of effects and type of VSTs the Notebook is handling it. but its on its Edge… I stripped it already down for an optimized performance.
I will invest what is needed, if possible it should be in a range of 1K€, but this is not mendatory.
Following a link to some settings which could help other win user. I hope this is allowed,


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Thanks for the link. Most settings I had already, it’s currently working on the “indexing”, since about 20 minutes, I hope everything is runing well… (350 GB on hard disc)

I guess I squeezed all out of my actual notebook, let’s see.
Same you did with your “Computer” I did with the XR18 incl. needed equipment. It’s actively cooled
and easy to travel with…
With all the incoming cables it looks „unorganized“ but it works grate for a quick set up!

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Cool thing! Looks very handy. :+1:

Man, that’s cool! Would you mind posting the build specs? Thanks!

Your request seems to be easy, but it is not. It is a question of latency which always depends on the CPU, the Audiointerface, the driver, the amount of tracks / Effects you want handle live.
As I do use a lot of different RME interfaces and have a lot of experience with different CPU types I can say your interfaces are not well known as interfaces with a excellent latency. So I am nearly sure it does not help to take a 1000€ Computer and all your problems will leave.
Even in a Highend level environment with Computers that costs 5-10.000€ you can still have troubles (which results in horrible crackle sound). For live sound this must well be planned and tested…

I know that, for that reason I asked for the model
of notebook others are using successfully.
My above mentioned HP Pavilion is generally working with my set up (after modification) but I guess it’s on its „limit“. Sometimes I got some problems even if the CPU is showing not more as 60% (on peek). (with Keyscape for example)
If I have a look on the kernels in the task manager I can see that the work is not well shared,


I guess you meant the system from schamass, right?

Sorry man, i totally forgot this… i’ll have to check the invoice first, because i can’t remember all the details anymore. I will come back to you this afternoon. :innocent:

Yes, that’s correct. Thanks!